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Helping you to heal the sources of underlying disconnection and pain so you can live your most meaningful, happy life.
Amy Terepka Groundwater Healing

The purpose of my practice is to help you find a healthy and trusting relationship with your body aligned with a meaningful, reverent relationship with the Earth. Earth Medicine is a big part of my work, as I encourage healing alongside the seasons of the Earth, and kinship with nature, the elements, and the plants.

My practice provides tools for healing an array of obstacles including: sense of anxiety, insecurity, or unease in your body; a sense of loneliness, isolation or not belonging; feeling disembodied, ungrounded, or disconnected to your body's needs and messages; lack of self-love and self-worth; discomfort or pain in the physical, emotional, or spiritual body.

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A 6-month program to reawaken kinship between body, earth, and the animate forces of nature.

Applications close Sept. 15th

We begin Sept. 20th

More Tools for Your Healing Journey

Amy Terepka Sacred Seasons

These guidebooks will help you sow the seeds for a ripe sense of belonging and profound relationship with both yourself and the Earth.

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How do the elements that form the living world around you also inform and direct your own life?

How can you harness these energies for healing, wellbeing, and balance?

Kind Words

"Amy is an extraordinary intuitive healer.  Her presence and sensitivity are remarkable. In healing sessions, Amy draws on knowledge of plant medicine and the chakra system to provide very restorative results. There is no doubt that the treatments and healings I experience with Amy produce transformational benefits to my health and well being." - D.W.​

"Amy is an energetic midwife. I'm so grateful for the space she holds that encourages me to expand into my own powerful energy that wants to be freed." - A.H.

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