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Gateways to Connection


*Ignite connection with yourself and the Earth*

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In YOUR BODY and on the EARTH 

My offerings are designed to help you heal disconnection so you can live your most meaningful, happy life. 


I will help you tend the relationship you have with yourself, your body, and the Earth.

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a free mini-course


Embodiment and Energetic Awareness Facilitation

Work with me one-on-one over the course of 3 weeks to help you reconnect with yourself in a more meaningful way.


"Amy is an extraordinary intuitive healer.  Her presence and sensitivity are remarkable. In healing sessions, Amy draws on knowledge of plant medicine and the chakra system to provide very restorative results. There is no doubt that the treatments and healings I experience with Amy produce transformational benefits to my health and well being." - D.W.​

"Amy is an energetic midwife. I'm so grateful for the space she holds that encourages me to expand into my own powerful energy that wants to be freed." -A.H.

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My Story

Groundwater origins

Groundwater Healing was founded with the intention of helping you reconnect with your body and your innate personal source of power that is rooted in deep connection with the earth.


My practice focuses on helping you stand fully and proudly in your body with a sense of ease, peace and empowerment. I believe healing comes from a extensive knowing of the self, and I hope to facilitate and open connection to what’s happening within the physical and energetic body, allowing healing on various levels.


This can occur through bodywork, energy work, guided meditation and/or plant medicine.

Going in depth 

Medicine Stories 

Explore seasonal inspirations and musings from my BLOG. I delve into themes of nature and plants, our authentic voice, empowerment and caring for the body, mind, and spirit.