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About groundwater healing portland

About Groundwater Healing



Office Hours

1937 NE Broadway, Suite B

Portland, OR 97232


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10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Meet Amy Terepka

"The work I do is based on a foundation of years of practice intuitively listening to messages from plants, the natural world, the body and energy field. Everything is made of energy, and therefore all healing must include working at the energetic level to be effective." - Amy

who is Amy Terepka About groundwater healing portland

Groundwater Healing was founded on the intention of helping you reconnect with your body and your innate personal power, sourced from a rooted connection with the Earth.


The work I do is based on a foundation of deep listening and observation. By observing energy patterns and deeply listening to human teachers, the wisdom of the plants, bodies, and the forces of nature, I have found that healing comes from re-membering our selves into our innate wholeness. 


My practice focuses on helping you remember your belonging to yourself and the world. By healing ways in which you are disconnected from both your own truth and your place in the ecosystem of life, you begin to stand more fully in your body with a sense of ease, peace, and empowerment.


Healing comes from a deep knowing of the self in relationship with the heart of the world, and I facilitate connection to what’s happening within the physical and energetic body to allow healing on various levels.

All of my offerings are designed with these principles in mind:


*Our bodies are wise and act as a spiritual map and guide.

*The Earth is living and animated with consciousness.

*Plants are teachers and allies on our journey of remembering and awakening.

*Magical and ceremonial space is a doorway through which we commune with the sacred heart of ourselves and the world.

*Life is cyclical, and we allow ourselves to be informed by the seasons and rhythms of the Earth. 

*Each of us is a unique soul with unique purpose, lessons, and gifts.

Why I Love What I Do

Our culture has torn the fabric of love and respect for our human and non-human kin alike. I’m passionate about helping to shift the capitalistic, individualistic, and patriarchal paradigm that has us cut us off from honoring our bodies and our kinship with the Earth. In order to heal, we have to get back to the keystones of meaningful, interconnected life, which to me are presence, love, trust, respect, reciprocity, and a sense of belonging and worthiness. 


I work with heart-felt and sensitive souls who are looking to gain a sense of worth, meaning and belonging by improving their relationship with their bodies and the Earth so they can:


  • Feel like they’re worthy and enough just by being themselves.

  • Awaken and reclaim their intuitive senses and deeper ways of knowing.

  • Remember how to reconnect meaningfully with our non-human kin and the unseen realms

  • Feel safe and rooted in their body.

  • Learn to trust themselves. 

  • Find a sense of belonging and place by having connection with the Earth.


By getting out of your head, sinking down into your body, you can find your root wisdom, the place of connection with all life. This enables you to feel resilience in yourself to face situations in life that may cause stress and hardship. It allows you to realize you can face anything while remaining present and loving to yourself. You have the support and the strength within you. 


With this shift people can feel a sense of belonging within their bodies and on the Earth, a sense of worthiness, so they can move from that place of deep inner knowing, ease and peace, not fear or insecurity.

My History

I grew up surrounded by health care practitioners and doctors. Health and healing was always a discussion and focus in my family, which paved way for my desire to help people through this obscure process of “healing.” I had no idea what that actually looked like though, as my only experience was through a Western Medical lens.


After traveling throughout South East Asia and India, my mind was opened to a more earth-based way of medicine. I was shown a new way of relating to our health, from a place of empowerment and access, true relationship with the Earth and all its medicine. I returned home with an eagerness to study the wide variety of natural healing arts. 

My first foray in the healing arts was on a small herbal medicine farm in the Catskill Mountains, where I lived and studied for 2 months. 


I then decided to study bodywork at the Fingerlakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, completing one of the most rigorous programs in the country in terms of hours, hands on practice, and scientific background.


I completed Reiki levels I, II, III and Master level, as well as advanced "Laser Reiki" classes through the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, WA. I continued my studies of Energy Medicine with LifeLight Center, studied Craniosacral therapy and Integrated Visceral Techniques with Michael McMahon of Moving Mountain Institute, and was trained in Belize by Rosita Arvigo in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

have developed my own intuitive way of working with the body and its energy that combines body-led energy work, intuitive messaging, chakra repair, plant spirit medicine, craniosacral therapy, abdominal visceral techniques, and deep tissue work. 


I completed the Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop through PESI, and work to bring in a trauma-informed perspective to my work.

I continued my studies of herbs and plant spirit medicine through The Arctos School of Botanical and Herbal Studies, the School of Forest Medicine, Shayne Cases’ Flower Essence Mentorship program.

I studied magic and priestessing for a year in Blue Iris Mystery School in 2012 (now the Golden Web Mystery School), completed a year long priestess training program in Sacred Leadership in the Reclaiming Tradition with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield and Suzanne Sterling in 2015, and I completed a program in Celtic Shamanism with Jane Burns

I gained experience working as a ceremonial facilitator and plant spirit medicine teacher for the School of Forest Medicine from 2011-2018, assisting, and then leading, plant spirit medicine trips around Oregon.

I continue to learn every day by working with my amazing clients and students, reading countless books, and always deepening my knowledge through continuing education.

Groundwater Healing operates on the lands of the Chinook people, in what's now Portland, OR.

Experience & Study

Groundwater Healing Portland, Oregon

Kind Words

   "Thank you Amy! My experiences with you as a Healer are beyond spiritual, intuitive, and heart-opening! Your healing touch invites my being to receive your gifts and energy of wellness. I feel myself inspired to unfold and unravel the many layers I have to heal. Thank you!" - Linda M.

   "Amy has amazing gentle energy she brings into her energy work sessions. She is able to transport me to another place, my body floating above the table. The songs of the plants and trees energize my body and subtly shift it in such a serene way. I look forward to every appointment I have with Amy, and the weeks in between visits are spent anxiously awaiting more magical energy." - Jen H.

  "I have been seeing Amy for over 3 years for energy work. Yes it does work! You literally zone out and can feel the vibrations. It has helped clear my chakras so that I can function more optimally and presently within my life. I definitely recommend it for restoring balance and clearing chakras." - Gloria C.

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