The Gift of Spring

Photo Credit "The important thing is this; to be able at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi I love this quote. It is so inspiring for me. What a good reminder: keep letting go. Only then can we shift, change, grow. We have to let go of what isn't serving us, old habits, old patterns, in order to continuously become and merge into our highest potential. We are ever changing, ever shifting, as we define and re-define who we want to be. Now is the time for change. With the return of spring, the shoots and flowers emerging from the depths of the earth, I feel my own abundance, energy, and vitality returning. As I watch these plants emerge, I

The Power of Voicing Our Truth

I have a bad habit. Too often I silence what wants to be voiced for fear of being judged. Too often I don't do something silly, crazy, out of the norm, for fear someone might form a negative opinion of me. Most of us do this to some extent throughout our lives. We feel an urge from deep down inside to start singing, dancing, doing something quirky, or even simply to say something you feel... but then we hesitate. Our minds get involved and they may say something like, "Wait! What are you doing? These people might think you're weird!" or "I don't think you should say this, someone might get offended." Then the moment of pure expression has passed. But when we suppress what we're feeling or ne

Finding a Moment to Connect

A client recently told me she felt her 9 to 5 job was holding her back from living in an authentic way, and from maintaining her spiritual connection throughout the day. We started brainstorming ideas of how she could subtly and easily incorporate meaningful ways to connect in with herself throughout the day, to bring herself back to the present moment, and to feel a connection with the divine. The goal is to not have to separate your "personal" or "spiritual" life with "work" life. They can be slowly melded together so you don't end up feeling drained at the end of the work day with no time or energy left for yourself. Here are some ideas: 1. When you wake in the morning, take a moment to l

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