The Stories of Power

We all have stories about what power means and represents in our lives. They morph as we grow, shift as we take on and lose identities. These stories are touched by privilege, by how much power our families and societies have given us or withheld. Today, we find ourselves amidst giant power struggles. We’re fighting against each other, fighting to find our own power, fighting to protect it for others. Power feels like a limited resource, sucked increasingly dry by a homogenous few. It can feel scary, infuriating, and hopeless when we view the world through this lens. A battle. A fight for a sacred, scarce resource. The way our society is set up creates a false pretext. It convinces us that s

The Gift of Winter

Many of us experience dread or depression as we enter late fall and early winter. The days shorten and the darkness descends thick upon our lives. The sun hides for longer periods of time behind grey clouds of rain or snow. Our energy dwindles, we want to hide inside away from our work, our world. Our Western culture, powered by caffeine and overworking, fears this experience. We are expected to work fiercely around the clock, work around and around the years like hamsters spinning their wheels, chasing after something just out of reach. How can we exponentially fuel this forward momentum? The answer is we cannot. We are bound to get sick, to tire, to break down, to check out, to disconnec

5 Ways to Tend to Your Body in the Midst of Winter

Photo Credit: Allison Mulvaney Here in Portland, OR we have received a rare snow event, leaving many of us stranded at home under a foot of snow. If you're looking for creative ways to offer some tenderness to your body, here are some ideas: 1) DIY facial Step 1: Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser like plain oatmeal, or my "Be Radiant" face scrub using tepid (not hot!) water. Step 2: Exfoliate with a simple sugar or salt scrub. I like to keep mine basic with a mix of coconut oil and sugar. If you like, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, tea tree, geranium or frankincense. Step 3: Steam your face to open the pores and cleanse on a deeper level. I like to br

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