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Infuse sacredness into your daily life



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flower Infuse sacredness into your daily life

What would it feel like to remember the ancient experience of loving the world and being loved back?

If you are...

  • ​Desiring a way of living that embeds your spiritual nature with your every-day life. 

  • Wanting to feel more open, spacious, and connected to the flow and pace of the natural world and your body

  • Wanting to live your life connected with the wider wonder and magic of Life 

  • Looking for support in cultivating practices and a way of being that feels easeful, expansive, and nourishing

then this program is for you.

We begin May 16th.

Infusing the Sacred into Your Life is a place to open to mystery, magic, and energy. It's a place to truly come to know yourself and come into wholeness. It's a place for you to weave remembrance and ancestral wisdom into your daily life.

spiritual healing in Portland

This 3-week immersive experience designed to help you live a ritual-rich life so you can deepen your relationship with Earth Consciousness and your own Self.

This program is about infusing yourself into the sacred heart of the world, as much as it is about you drawing the experience of the sacred into your beingness. 

It is as much about inviting the magical nature of life into your lived experience, as it is allowing yourself to step into relationship, to pour yourself forth, to reach out for connection with the wider consciousness of the earth. 

This relationship moves and sways both into and out of you. 

It is a remembering of an ancient way of loving the world, and being loved back. 

How you can tell if you're ready to take this program...

  • You feel a deep sense of longing for an integrated, meaningful way of living.

Infusing The Sacred Into Your Life
  • You understand on some level that we are multidimensional beings.

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  • You feel unsure of how to be authentic to your deep self within the confines of the modern industrial pace of living.

Infusing The Sacred Into Your Life
  • You feel more at home in the natural world and desire to bring that sense of peace and connection into your daily life.

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  • You are ready to live with a mindset of reverence and reciprocity.

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  • You want to align yourself with the rhythms of the Earth, the wisdom of your body, and the teachings of the earth.

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  • You know that your body is a powerful vessel and are wanting to hone its capacity to receive.

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  • You are willing to change things about your life that aren’t working.

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  • You are open to exploring and learning about the unseen, energetic and spiritual worlds sharing our Earth plane.

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By joining this program, you will have access to:

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3 weeks of guided meditations, lessons and support

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4 Live community practice calls 

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Bonus recordings from my past workshops

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A supportive community of like-minded individuals

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2 free months in the Circle of Interbeing - a monthly membership for graduates of my programs

transformative program Infuse sacredness into your daily life

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself

again and again.”

- Joseph Campbell

Module 1:

Live call 5/16


"The Embodied Way"

In this module, we will explore the relationship between our bodies and the earth, and how we can connect with experience of being a part of the sacred web through our multifaceted, ancestral, and wise body.

Module 2:

Live call 5/23


"Cultivating Receptivity and Reciprocity"

In this module, we will look at what gets in the way of our receiving the Sacred in. We will grow our capacity to receive, and invite our bodies, hearts, and energy systems to orient to allowing life in. We will also align ourselves with a reciprocal way of interacting with Life.

Module 3:

Live call 5/30


"A Ritual Rich Life"

In this module, we will explore cultivating a life imbued with ritual. What that means, and what gets in the way. We will examine what stories you tell yourself about Life, and journey to meet a spirit guide who can help us. 

spiritual healing in Portland
 Infusing The Sacred Into Your Life leaf
Infuse sacredness into your daily life price
 Infusing The Sacred Into Your Life price
groundwater healing portland

The 3-week program, Infusing the Sacred into Your Life, is an immersive program offered by Amy Terepka of Groundwater Healing.

  • This experience will help you reconnect with yourself and the Earth through self-reflection embodied experience, energetic opening, ritual and ceremony.

  • It is designed for those who want to feel an open, flowing, spaciousness within their hearts and lives, and want to weave the sacred into their every day experience.

  • This program is for those interested in bringing ceremonial and ritual practices into their lives to align themselves with the rhythms of the Earth, the wisdom of their body, and the teachings of earth to find a deeper, more significant way of connecting with themselves and the world around them.

Through the three weeks together, you will learn to live with a mindset of reverence, reciprocity, and genuine connection, and explore ways to incorporate ritual and ceremony into your daily lives. 


You will learn to understand and feel what prevents you from receiving the experience of magic, and practice embracing the sacred into your body and your life.

Infusing the Sacred is led by Amy Terepka, a skilled practitioner of Earth Medicine and Embodied Spiritual Healing. She is passionate about helping individuals reconnect with the natural world and find a sense of true belonging, being at home in their own body and in relationship with Sacred Other, our non-human kin, and their spirit guides and allies.

The program is held in a safe, cozy nest, where you will feel comfort and intimacy with your fellow students. The container of the class, that is co-created, will feel like a regular coming-home and a safe place to land each week. You'll be supported by Amy's skilled cocoon-building and her ability to create a space where you can express anything that needs to move through you.


  • Amy Terepka has 15 years of experience as a bodyworker and energy healer.

  • She has 10 years of experience in holding ceremony and teaching plant spirit medicine, energetic techniques, and seasonal healing.

  • She is passionate about shifting the capitalistic, individualistic, and patriarchal paradigms that cut us off from honoring our bodies and our kinship with the Earth.

  • She has a deep understanding of the importance of meaningful, interconnected life as a key to healing.

  • She is committed to the ongoing process of cultivating a trusting, loving relationship with her body, energy-body and Self.

  • She has a depth of relationship with the natural world that is fulfilling and sincere.

  • She has studied with many incredible teachers, both human and non-human.

  • She has developed her own way of integrating the worlds of energy and spirit into the material, lived experience.

  • She is dedicated to helping you feel worthy and enough just by being yourself.

  • She will help you to understand and trust the wisdom of your body.

  • She will help you to cultivate a sense of peace, ease and empowerment.

  • She will help you to understand the sentience of plants, stones, and nature and to develop a deeper connection with them.

amy groundwater healing portland

"Amy is so welcoming. Her gentle and nurturing nature helped me feel that I was in a safe place, safe to explore and learn." - Rhonda

"Every day, I literally feel, think, and act substantially better and, being better able to connect and far more able to respond with understanding and kindness rather than react with anger based on fear, I am a better spouse, father, colleague, and friend. I could not be more grateful to Amy and cannot recommend her more highly to anyone motivated to let go of what’s weighing you down so you can more forward and actually live and enjoy life." - J.E.

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I’m here to support you.

I believe that healing comes from a deep knowing of the self and I am honored to facilitate this journey of self-discovery and re-connection for you.


  • Q: What is the Infusing the Sacred into Your Life program?
    A: The Infusing the Sacred into Your Life program is a 3-week program led by Amy Terepka of Groundwater Healing. We will be meeting weekly, live via Zoom, and you will have class handouts and guided meditations to support what we do in class. The program aims to introduce (or support folks' exploration of) the concepts of Earth consciousness, ritual, how connecting with your multidimensional body is a part of allowing the sacred in, and how to imbed the experience of being connected to the sacred into your daily life. The program includes teachings on connecting with your embodied experience, aligning oneself with the rhythms and elements of the Earth, the wisdom of the body, as well as ceremonial and ritual practices for developing a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.
  • Q: Who is the program suited for?
    A: The program is suited for all experiences, whether you're new to these concepts or are looking to deepen your spiritual practices. It's for anyone curious about the practices of embodiment and Earth Medicine, and how those are intimately tied together. For anyone wanting to learn more about bringing the feeling of sacredness into their daily experience of life. It is also for individuals who feel anxious, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to bring their spiritual practices into a living, embodied state.
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for joining the program?
    A: There are no specific prerequisites for joining the program! However, it is recommended that you have a sense of openness and willingness to try new things. It is also recommended that you have a spiritual foundation of some sort, as this is program is taught through a spiritual lens of interconnection and wider-than-ourselves consciousness.
  • Q: How is the program structured?
    A: Infusing the Sacred into Your Life will be structured as 3 weekly live classes, via Zoom, Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30pm PST - May 16th, May 23rd, and May 30th. We will also have a closing call on June 6th, 6-7pm PST. You will receive additional practices to be completed outside of the meetings, as well as a community space via Mighty Networks to share how it's going for you, and ask questions. The weekly meetings will be recorded in case you cannot make the live calls, although a big part of the benefit of the program is to connect with a community of others on this path, so it is highly recommended you prioritize attending the calls. The live calls will be part lecture and learning, part experiential experience (guided journeys or meditations), as well as time to share with one another. Each live call will also include the opportunity for Q&A.
  • Q: How will the program help me?
    A: The program will provide you with tools and techniques for aligning yourself with the rhythms of the Earth, the wisdom of your body, and building a sense of connection and relationship into your daily life. It will help you to develop a mindset of reverence, reciprocity, and genuine connection, and help you to anchor into a sense of wonder and magic in your everyday life. Often students find a sense of ease and peace in their hearts and bodies, a meaningful and sincere relationship to the Earth and wider mystery, and a sense of flow and spaciousness within their lives.
  • Q: What is the time commitment for the program?
    A: 3-weeks, with weekly 1.5hr meetings, as well as additional practices and assignments to be completed outside of the meetings. Participants should expect to invest about 3 hrs per week minimum. The more time and energy you devote, the more you will get out of it.
  • Q: How much does the program cost?
    A: The cost of the program is $129. Please contact Amy ( if you need a sliding scale option (historically marginalized populations will be prioritized). It's worth noting that this 3-week program is an inexpensive entry-level option to our more in-depth 6-month immersive program.


"Amy is truly amazing. I feel safe and cared for by her. She has a grounding, calm, gentle presence and is highly skilled in her many gifts and crafts. She is the healer I've always needed/wanted. Could not more highly recommend her!"
- Mysti I.

"Amy, thank you for sharing your heart with us. Thank you for giving us things to connect to, and to ponder, and to work through so we can be the best versions of ourselves in this crazy world. Thank you for being a catalyst for us to connect out bodies, hearts, and spirits to reach our highest self."
- Jocelyn

"Driving to work this morning as the sun came up, I felt a rush of warmth and feeling and inner connection that I haven't accessed in a very long time, and I attribute that in large part to our work together. Thank you."

- Sarina F.

"I wanted to thank you for offering us such an amazing experience - it truly has been transformational for me. Our work together (has) helped me both in subtle and not-so-subtle ways begin to connect with my body and soul. It has not always been easy - but I have never been one to shy away from paths I feel important. This perhaps, is the most significant path for me yet."

- Debra 

 Infuse sacredness healing program

In this program, I will guide you through a journey of rediscovering your innate connection to the Earth, to your body, and to your most wild, wise, spacious Self.


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