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Remembering our Kinship with the Natural World

Embodying the Elements

How does your body mimic the body of the Earth?

How do the elements that form the living world around you also inform and direct your own life?

How can you harness these energies for healing, wellbeing, and balance?

Embodying the Elements is a 4 week healing journey exploring how our bodies relate to the main elements of nature.


These elements, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth come together to form the world around us, and likewise, us.

When we experience intentional relationship with these elements, we see how they influence our lives and our health. We form deeper layers of connection with our own selves and how we relate to the outer world. We remember true kinship with all that's around us.

In both magical and practical context, each of the elements can be used for healing in certain ways. In one example, Air helps us clear, Fire helps us transform, Water helps us surrender, and Earth helps us stabilize.


When we form relationship with the elements, we can call on the element of choice when need be. We become empowered to recognize when we could use a specific aspect of support, and then choose healing actions associated with that element. 



This course is about empowerment.

The more fully we know ourselves and what the world around us is fueled by, we are then empowered to engage more intentionally and with more fullness of presence. We take charge of our healing process. We become more embodied. We become wiser.  


This course is about connection.

When we live in disconnection with the elements around us, we live in disconnection with ourselves. As we are a microcosmic mirror of the external world, we do a disservice to both ourselves and to the Earth. This course brings you into reciprocal relationship with nature and the wild soul of the Earth. 


Simply by extending awareness to the world around you, you able to hold relevance to your relationship with the components that create this life.

When we have relationships with the elements, we are immediately more intimately connected with LIFE around us.


What a gift. 


And when you show up to your commitment to CONNECTION it has far greater impacts that perhaps we all realize. The more connected we feel, the more integrated and whole, the more we heal pieces of the torn fabric of our existence, and the more we inspire others to do the same.

If you'd like to feel this sense of empowerment and connection with the natural world, join Embodying the Elements for a deep-dive into true relationship.


Only $49 for Lifetime Access

*The course runs for 4 weeks, and you will have lifetime access to the material on the Teachable platform.

*Once you purchase the class, you will receive an email within 24 hours to access the materials

*Each week you will receive an email to access the current week's material.

*It is up to you to create the time and space to do the work. 


Each week you will receive:

  • guided meditative journey (~15 mins) to find connection and healing with one of the elements. They are both relaxing and revitalizing.

  • A PDF document exploring the qualities of the element, how it shows up in our bodies and our lives, healing tools of the element, and reflection questions

  • An "Actionables" document containing a list of actions to help you align and form deeper relationship with the element of the week

Bird Silhouettes

This class is for you if you relate to any of the following:

  • You want to find a greater sense of belonging in your body

  • You’re interested in understanding your body in a deeper way

  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of energy and how it moves through the world

  • You want to engage in more expansive and magical thinking throughout your days

  • You’re interested in your own healing through connection with the natural world

  • You're ready to deepen your relationship with the elements and how they inform your life

  • You’re interested in learning new and unique ways to heal yourself

  • You do well with experiential learning through guided meditation

What people are saying


“Thank you!! This was such a wonderful experience. All of the meditations were really powerful and thoughtful, and I could tell that you really poured your heart into them. Every one of them had something new for me, some new insight about how I relate to the elements. I’m feeling so inspired. This class has given me a renewed desire to get in deep touch with the elements in nature again.”

-Doug W.

"Amy's meditations are so powerful. As someone who has felt ungrounded for most of my life, I was deeply impacted by the Earth element meditation in particular. I have listened to it over and over again, and each time I do it helps me to feel safer in my body and on the planet. I've worked with Amy in multiple capacities and her presence, facilitation and guidance are truly priceless."

-Brittany E.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amy for years. She is a gifted healer and has helped me find a deeper connection with myself and with life, so I was very excited about her Embodying the Elements class.  Remarkably, she was able to transmit her powerful, (yet gentle) energy through this online class. I struggle with managing anxiety and the course really helped me to anchor in all the resources she offers. I find that I am using the guidance from the course in all areas of my life. I feel clear, relaxed, more competent and more in touch with my own intuition as I continue to work with the elements and the exercises provided. It is a really practical way to bring the healing qualities of the elements into everyday life. It is an affordable resource that is truly priceless."

-Audrey S.

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