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Welcome to the Golden Stone Wisdom School

Reawakening kinship
between Body and Earth.

This is both a School and a Community, gathering sensitive, heart-centered souls who are awakening to their intuitive wisdom and the animate earth. 

Together, we celebrate our unique paths and experiences as we cultivate healing and transformation in ourselves and the world around us. Our shared journey is one of awe for the spiritual forces of life, learning to embody self-love, and uncover what it means to belong deeply to ourselves and the world. 

Pillars of The Golden Stone Wisdom School +

living a spiritually rich, eco-somatic life:

  • Earth Medicine (Plant Spirit Medicine, the Elements of Nature)

  • Seasonal Connection (Understanding your own seasons and cycles + the medicine of each season)

  • Embodiment (Eco-somatics, understanding trauma, inner child work, shadow work)

  • Energy Medicine (Understanding Self and Other through the lens of energy)

  • Ritual and Ceremony (Approaching life through devotion, presence, and slowness)

Explore the many paths of learning in The Golden Stone Wisdom School:


Applications for the Golden Stone Immersion

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Experience a peek inside the Golden Stone Wisdom School.

Free guided meditation

What would your body need to know it belongs? Enjoy this guided meditation to take you into your body, and connect with a tree ally, deep in the soil of the Earth. Re-root yourself in a new story of connection and belonging.

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