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Reawakening Kinship between Body and Earth

A 6-month immersive program to return home to yourself as you walk the path of Earth Medicine and Reconnective Healing.
Applications closed for 2022 - Sign up for Waitlist to be first to apply for Autumn 2023

 Are you heartbroken by the state of the world, knowing deeply that there’s a more meaningful, harmonious way of living that but uncertain how to get there?

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to be authentic to your deep Self within the confines of the modern industrial pace of living?

Do you tend to feel more at home in the natural world and desire to bring that sense of peace and connection into your daily life?

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You are a sensitive, empathic soul, a healer and giver by nature. You feel there’s a better, more meaningful way of living that’s aligned with the rhythms of the Earth, with the wisdom of your body, and the teachings of the plants. You crave a deeper, more significant way of connecting with both yourself and the world around you. A way that’s perhaps more wild, more raw, more real. A way that moves in consort with forces of nature, not against. A way that’s actually healing for the Earth.

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Man Walking in Fields

You want a life that's:


4:30 pm

More connected with the sacred pulse of Life

Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern understanding

Intertwined with and informed by the cycles of nature

Healing for the Earth and our connection with the unseen world

Inspired by the wisdom of the plants and the natural world

Propelled by the wild call within your soul

In balance with your heart and body’s way of being

More mindful and animate in the present moment

In alignment with your unique individual creative fire

Respectful to the land and our non-human kin

Empowered and embodied in your own wise medicine for the world

You can feel it, hovering just on the other side of a veil. Waiting.


But how do you reach it? Where do you find your path?

And how do you traverse this path of the wild while also living in a modern society?

How do you return to the rhythm of your soul as you navigate the disjointed paradigms and pace of the external world?

"Being part of the GSWS felt like having a safe, cozy nest built around me. I was not expecting to feel such comfort and intimacy with my fellow students - by the end of the course, it really felt like a safe familial environment where I could express anything that needed to move through me. To use the cocoon analogy of Bill Plotkin, Amy is a skilled cocoon-builder. The container of the class that was co-created felt like a regular coming-home and a safe place to land each week." - Thea

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The Golden Stone Wisdom School will help you remember how to align yourself with the wise and intricate forces of nature. It will help you land within the wider biosphere, discovering what it means to be human within our wider ecosystem of not only the physical natural world, but within the unseen, energetic, and spiritual worlds sharing our Earth plane.


This school is designed to help you find a sense of true belonging, being at home in your own body and in relationship with Sacred Other, our non-human kin, and your spirit guides and allies.


You will learn to live with a mindset of reverence, reciprocity and genuine connection. And your nervous system will settle as you live from this sense of place.


The Golden Stone Wisdom School immersion program is a place to open to mystery, magic, and energy. A place to truly come to know yourself and come into wholeness. It is a place for you to anchor into your body and step into your power, a power that’s derived from true connection with the forces of the wider wild world.


During the program you will explore the path of meaningful relationship, beginning with the Self before extending out to include our non-human kin and the wider web of wholeness.

"The content of the school, your spirit, your container, everything was absolutely fabulous, and I loved it. I look to you as a mentor. You are a wise, wise soul. I don’t know how may trips you’ve had, but it’s significant."

- Rick

Why Join Golden Stone Wisdom School?

In our modern world, separation and disconnection from our wild soul, the living heart of the Earth, the spiritual forces of life, and our bodies have led to incredible amounts of pain and suffering not only in our personal lives, but in the world at large.


Much of the harm we enact towards others, the Earth, and our own selves stems from this severance.


I truly believe that when you form meaningful relationship with something, it is much more difficult to perpetuate harm. You enter into a state of reverence. And from this state, much healing can occur, and our genuine need for connection with the spiritual fabric of Earth and Self can be met.


This is why I created the Golden Stone Wisdom School. For a place to heal our isolation and separation and once again walk the path of belonging and inter-being with all life. So we can finally wake up from the harm we cause due to our own pain. So we can align with our unique medicine for the collective.


By healing our own woundings, learning the language of our body and soul, and listening deeply to the whispers of the Earth spirits, we come into wholeness. We return to a sense of true connection, relationship, and understanding. We then become the healing the collective needs.


The time is well past now for us to walk this path of healing.


So I invite you to join me on this sacred mission of whole-ing. A mission of returning to our birthright of inter-being and inter-belonging.

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Details of the Journey

The Golden Stone Wisdom School is both a deeply healing journey, as well as a curriculum in learning energetic techniques and tools, the medicine of the plants, ceremonial techniques, and sacred rhythmic living within the seasons and cycles of the moon.


The journey will begin at Fall Equinox, and follow guidance from seasonal wheel of the year. For the dark 6 months of the year we will unravel, let go, discover, journey, heal, and grow. We will learn how to deeply care for our own body and soul, as well as the beings that share this Earth plane.


During the Autumn months of descent you will turn towards the Self, explore your own body’s wisdom, and create solid foundations of true, lasting, wellness. You will shed, stalk your shadow selves, work with spirit guides, and find self-forgiveness and compassion.


After this first half you will have completely changed how you relate to your body and yourself. You will feel a sense of embodied connection, resourcefulness, and empowerment.


As we step into Winter and the light begins to return, you will start to look outwards at your relationship with Sacred Other: the plant spirits, the land, the animals, and stone allies. We will work from the animistic perspective, and you will discover what it means to be in sacred reciprocity, and carry reverence towards the Earth.


After the second half of the program you will feel an expansive sense of place, belonging, and rich connection with our non-human kin. You will feel aligned with the seasonal ebbs and flows, and in relationship with how your personal rhythms interact with the wider cycles of nature.

"Thanks to the content of the course itself, I feel like I have a more compassionate and clear understanding of how my body speaks to me. I also feel myself leaning into symbolic and spiritual interpretation of the natural world around me, engaging in a more child-like, sacred, and playful way of interacting with other Earth organisms."


- Thea

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Creating Foundations
+ Befriending the Body

(~ 9/20/22-10/25/22)


Autumn Equinox Ceremony of Intention

Embodiment Practices

Energetic clearing and centering techniques

Mindfulness and self-witnessing practices

Root chakra work

Developing relationship with the body

Developing personal ritual practices

Healing journey work

Marble Surface

Self Forgiveness, Shadow-stalking,
and the Medicine of Water


Samhain/ancestor ceremony 
Working with the medicine of Autumn

and Water 

Pleasure, Self-Compassion + Forgiveness
Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra work
Uncovering societal programming (patriarchal, colonialist, capitalist, etc.)

Reclaiming your own story
Healing journey work

The opportunity to come together as a community once a week ensured that I was thinking deeply about the material. I was exploring new pathways - everything from how to better connect with my chakras and aura, to how to connect to the plant world, to working with the spirit guides and reaching out to ancestors. All of this was an amazing journey. And the opportunity to connect with folks each week was something I really looked forward to and benefited from a lot.

- Debra 

*Join waitlist for Autumn 2023
Marble Surface

Sacred Other +
Plant Spirit Medicine


Ceremony of the Light’s Return
Animism + Sacred Reciprocity
Plant Spirit Medicine

Stone Allies
Plant and stone medicine making
Heart and Throat chakra work
Healing journey work

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Rhythms, Cycles, and
Finding wholeness within the wider web


Cyclical and Seasonal Living
Finding your own cycles amongst

nature’s rhythms
Personal ceremony crafting 

Creating sacred space
Opening to your personal medicine
Third-eye and Crown chakra work
Healing journey work
Spring Equinox Ceremony + Initiation

Applications for 2022 ClOSED

We will weave in ritual, ceremony, and journeying throughout the course in order to bring intentional healing to ourselves and the Earth.


Through live weekly calls and sharing circles, along with video, audio, and written materials, you will step into deep knowing of yourself, your empowerment and claim ownership of your sacred medicine for the world.


This 6 month immersive program is a comprehensive look at what keeps us disconnected, and provides ways to bring ourselves and our lives back into alignment with connection, meaning, and purpose.

  • Anchored in your sense of purpose

  • A sense of hope for humanity and our relationship with the Earth

  • More grounded in your body and your life

  • Connected with your energy body and confident in how to take care of yourself

  • Connected with plant spirits, ancestors, and other spiritual guides that can help you on your path

  • Empowered in how to create medicine from the plants and the land

  • A widening in your heart space and an increased sense of love for the natural world

  • A sweeter, more loving relationship with yourself

  •  Confident in creating personal ceremony and ceremony for the land

  • Connected to the cycles of the Earth, moon, and your own body

  • More clear about your personal hangups, beliefs, and unhelpful patterns, and feel clear in how to take care of yourself when the arise

  • A more confident relationship with your intuition and your body’s wisdom

  • Clear in how to cultivate relationship with the plant spirits around you

Before the immersion program you may feel:

  • A sense of loneliness, a craving of deeper or more meaningful connection

  • An uncertainty of how to live in right relationship with your own self and the natural world

  • A longing to deepen your relationship with your true Self, plant medicine, or the natural world

  • Exhausted, depleted, or overwhelmed by the pace of your life

  • A sense of hovering over or living just outside your life, without a true sense of purpose or  belonging

  • Unable to slow down, like you’re moving too quickly to absorb the beauty and joys of life

  • Stuck, lethargic, or unmotivated due to sense of defeat, grief, or uncertainty

  • A lack of self-love or self-worth

  • Anxious in general

  • Disconnected from the whispers of your body, heart, or soul

  • Curious about how to connect with nature, the plants, or the land

  • Frustrated with yourself for not taking care of yourself and your body in the way you know you need to

  • Desire to help heal the world or help the collective in some way

  • Desire to step into your own healership and own your medicine for the world

After the immersion program you may feel:

"The whole scope the course was remarkable. It is so clear that it is a weaving of many years, and many learnings, that were not at the same time and yet you’ve done this job of weaving them together in this course. It is alchemy."


"Amy is so welcoming. Her gentle and nurturing nature helped me feel that I was in a safe place, safe to explore and learn."

- Rhonda

Amy Terepka-158.jpg

You can participate in The Golden Stone Wisdom School from your home, or from anywhere in the world. 

While it’s always most powerful to have you join in live community, all teachings and ceremonies will be recorded for you to watch as your schedule allows.

The content of the program is also entirely digital, so you can access it from anywhere - on phone or computer.



(90 mins, 1x/week):

Live ceremony, teaching, or journey work, community sharing + Q&A


Audio files, short videos, handouts, and journal prompts


 When you join this School, you enter

into Sacred Community. You'll have:


Private community network of like-minded folks

Anytime invitation to share your process in

our private community

Access to me via our private community for 6 months


Embodying the Elements Online Course (Audio + PDF)

Gateways to Connection Guide (PDF)

All 4 Sacred Seasons Guidebooks (PDF)


Is valued at close to $7500

for the entire library content, live classes, and community support

Amy Terepka-122.jpg


This School is priced in order to accommodate a range of folks who could truly benefit from this offering. It is based in the sliding scale economy, an honor system in which you gauge from your heart what feels appropriate to pay.


Those of you with resources who pay on the higher end allow me to offer lower tiered pricing options for those truly in need. This system only works if those who can afford to pay the higher pricing tiers actually do so. Please give the maximum contribution that you are able.

As a general guideline for single incomes supporting one person:

Sliding Scale 1 for folks who make $70,000/yr + 

Sliding Scale 2 for folks who make $40-$70,000/yr

Sliding Scale 3 for folks who make under $40,000/yr

Sliding Scale 1:



4 payments of $525



4 payments of $425



4 payments of $325

Sliding Scale 2:

Sliding Scale 3:

WE BEGIN 9/20/22

*For sliding scale payments* 

You will be charged the first payment when you sign up, and then will be charged monthly thereafter until complete


"6 months feels like a long time on the front side of it, but having the school be 6 months gave it a lot of time for me to keep coming back to the material, and I can tell that a lot of things have stuck because of that, which is awesome. I was also so connected to the group, and I definitely looked forward to our weekly calls. If I kind of got away from myself and our practices, the calls always brought me back."    

- Hailey

"I really liked that the school was 6 months because you have to show up and practice these things over and over again. You don’t just wake up one day and say “I’m gonna dismantle my structure of knowing” and then you do it and it’s done. It doesn't work that way. It takes a minute. Your class really fed that willingness and curiosity for me to just kind of keep me going." 

- Jen

Tropical Leaves

If you’re wondering if this School would be a good fit for you, consider the following:

This School is for you if:

  • You are drawn to the medicine and magic of the Earth

  • You believe in a wider force that moves through all of life

  • You have intrinsic love of nature and the natural world

  • You are sensitive or empathic

  • You are a healer, teacher, or giver

  • You are ready to step into a different way of being

  • You are willing to get honest and vulnerable with yourself and others

  • You have already done some personal work and take ownership of your life

  • You have a vision for how we can be in more harmonious relationship with the Earth and long for that new vision to unfold

  • You know there’s no “quick fixes” in true, lasting change, and you’re ready to show up fully to make the necessary shifts happen

  • You want to change the damage that capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy have done to our world

  • You can hold multiple experiences or points of view as valid
  • You have patience with differing viewpoints - especially with politically charged or social issues
  • You are resourced enough in yourself that you can withstand questioning and dissolution of parts of yourself

  • You have some support systems already in place

  • You are drawn to journey work, ceremony, plant medicine, and earth medicine

  • You are ready to create a loving relationship with yourself

This School is not for you if:

  • You want a quick fix to your healing

  • You don’t have outside support systems, therapy, or other healing modalities other than this School

  • You’ve never done any personal or psychological work

  • You are in the midst of a mental health crisis

  • You don’t believe in energy, a spiritual world, or the possibility of an animate Earth

  • You’re uncomfortable with Celtic, Pagan, or Animistic teachings

  • You don’t believe we need to shift our patriarchal, colonial, and capitalistic paradigms

  • You don't have patience for where folks are on their path (you feel like they're "behind" or "below" you) and/or you don't have patience for letting people learn what you've already learned

  • You have strong opinions or beliefs that you believe every else should believe or have 

  • You don't have patience with different viewpoints on politically charged or social issues

I want to help you find a true sense of HOME inside your skin. 

I want to help you to feel a true sense of BELONGING within the community of Earth. 

And now I ask you, take a moment to check in with your body.


Close your eyes. Take a few breaths. When you think about joining this school how do your heart and your gut feel?

Do they feel alive, excited, open? Does this School feel like a YES in your body? 

Then please listen to its wisdom. Your mind may make up excuses, but the path of the body (through which your soul speaks) is calling to you.

Does it feel tight, constricted, or lethargic? Does this School feel like a NO in your body?

It may not be the right time. You might not be ready, or it might not be the right fit.

Amy Terepka-65.jpg

But sometimes fear can be mistaken for a No. And so often what we’re most afraid of is what our soul is really yearning for.


So, check in again, and ask this part of you (your heart or gut or wherever you feel the constriction) what is it that’s making it contract? Can you sense an emotion, a story, words, or other wisdom from your body? Can you discern whether it’s fear or a true no?


Whatever your answer may be today, may you find exactly what you’re soul is looking for, and where your own, deepest, truest healing aligns with the healing of the Earth and our non-human kin.

Book a 15 minute Clarity Call 


Ask any questions and get more clarity about if the school is right for you right now

Shadow on Concrete Wall




If after the first week of the School you feel uninspired or like it’s just not a good fit, you will be refunded in full. So if you’re on the fence, there’s really no reason to not try it out. Just make sure to make your request by 11:59pm on 9/27/22. No exceptions.


What does the golden stone mean?

The unexpected gift or serendipity from the universe letting you know you’re right where you need to be, on track, in alignment, and being held by the wise and intricate forces of nature.


It is the blessing from the Otherworld, a gift from the spirits, from your guides.


It is the firefly’s illumination in the humid summer night.


It is the portal of knowing when you brush up upon something widely greater than you could ever know.


It is a doorway to your soul’s calling, mouth a-gape at intricate mystical life.

It is a clue to the wider confounding labyrinth of your purpose.

My Story

I’ve been a bodyworker and energy healer for 13 years, and I’ve held ceremony, and taught plant spirit medicine, energetic techniques, and seasonal healing for the past 10 years.


As a highly sensitive empath, I always felt a like the modern world was harsh, unkind, and disconnected from the true nature of reality. Growing up, I contorted myself to fit into the false narratives and expectations that this world puts on us, that I see so many others around me doing as well.


I’m passionate about helping to shift these capitalistic, individualistic, and patriarchal paradigms that cut us off from honoring our bodies and our kinship with the Earth. I’ve found that in order to heal, we have to get back to the keystones of meaningful, interconnected life.

Amy Terepka-149.jpg

Over the past 15 years of my own healing journey, I’ve discovered the incredible benefit of being a sensitive person, someone who cannot and will not live in the unrealistic and disconnected film that overlays deeper, truer reality.


I’ve studied with many incredible teachers, both human and non-human (plant spirits, spirit guides, stones, etc.), and have developed my own way of integrating the worlds of energy and spirit into the material, lived experience.


I’ve cultivated a trusting, loving relationship with my body, my energy body, and my Self. I’ve found true, meaningful relationship with plant spirits, with my ancestors, with the elements of nature, and the living land. I’ve cultivated a depth of relationship with the natural world that is fulfilling and sincere. And I want this for you too.


I am a Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, and Capricorn rising.


Learn More about Amy and her professional experience 

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