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Golden Stone Wisdom School
Golden Stone Wisdom School portland


Reawakening Kinship between Body and Earth

A 6-month immersive program to return home to yourself as you walk the path of Earth Medicine and Reconnective Healing.


Next cohort will begin Sept. 2024

Are you heartbroken by the state of the world, knowing deeply that there’s a more meaningful, harmonious way of living that but uncertain how to get there?

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to be authentic to your deep Self within the confines of the modern industrial pace of living?

Do you tend to feel more at home in the natural world and desire to bring that sense of peace and connection into your daily life?

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You are a sensitive, empathic soul, a healer and giver by nature. You feel there’s a better, more meaningful way of living that’s aligned with the rhythms of the Earth, with the wisdom of your body, and the teachings of the plants. You crave a deeper, more significant way of connecting with both yourself and the world around you. A way that’s perhaps more wild, more raw, more real. A way that moves in consort with forces of nature, not against. A way that’s actually healing for the Earth herself, as well as us.

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You want a life that's:


4:30 pm

More connected with the sacred pulse of Life

Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern understanding

Intertwined with and informed by the cycles of nature

Healing for the Earth and our connection with the unseen world

Inspired by the wisdom of the plants and the natural world

Propelled by the wild call within your soul

In balance with your heart and body’s way of being

More mindful and animate in the present moment

In alignment with your unique individual creative fire

Respectful to the land and our non-human kin

Empowered and embodied in your own wise medicine for the world

You can feel it, hovering just on the other side of a veil. Waiting.


But how do you reach it? Where do you find your path?

And how do you traverse this path of the wild while also living in a modern society?

How do you return to the rhythm of your soul as you navigate the disjointed paradigms and pace of the external world?

"Being part of the GSWS felt like having a safe, cozy nest built around me. I was not expecting to feel such comfort and intimacy with my fellow students - by the end of the course, it really felt like a safe familial environment where I could express anything that needed to move through me. To use the cocoon analogy of Bill Plotkin, Amy is a skilled cocoon-builder. The container of the class that was co-created felt like a regular coming-home and a safe place to land each week." - Thea

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The Golden Stone Wisdom School will help you remember how to align yourself with the wise and intricate forces of nature. It will help you land within the wider biosphere, discovering what it means to be human within our wider ecosystem of not only the physical natural world, but within the unseen, energetic, and spiritual worlds sharing our Earth plane.


This school is designed to help you find a sense of true belonging, being at home in your own body and in relationship with Sacred Other, our more-than-human kin, and your spirit guides and allies.


You will learn to live with a mindset of reverence, reciprocity and genuine connection. And your nervous system will settle as you live from this sense of place.


The Golden Stone Wisdom School immersion program is a place to open to mystery, magic, and energy. A place to truly come to know yourself and come into wholeness. It is a place for you to anchor into your body and step into your power, a power that’s derived from true connection with the forces of the wider wild world.


During the program you will explore the path of meaningful relationship, beginning with the Self before extending out to include our non-human kin and the wider web of wholeness.

"The content of the school, your spirit, your container, everything was absolutely fabulous, and I loved it. I look to you as a mentor. You are a wise, wise soul. I don’t know how may trips you’ve had, but it’s significant."

- Rick

Why Join Golden Stone Wisdom School?

In our modern world, separation and disconnection from our wild soul, the living heart of the Earth, the spiritual forces of life, and our bodies have led to incredible amounts of pain and suffering not only in our personal lives, but in the world at large.


Much of the harm we enact towards others, the Earth, and our own selves stems from this severance.


I truly believe that when you form meaningful relationship with something, it is much more difficult to perpetuate harm. You enter into a state of reverence. And from this state, much healing can occur, and our genuine need for connection with the spiritual fabric of Earth and Self can be met.


This is why I created the Golden Stone Wisdom School. For a place to heal our isolation and separation and once again walk the path of belonging and inter-being with all life. So we can finally wake up from the harm we cause due to our own pain. So we can align with our unique medicine for the collective.


By healing our own woundings, learning the language of our body and soul, and listening deeply to the whispers of the Earth spirits, we come into wholeness. We return to a sense of true connection, relationship, and understanding. We then become the healing the collective needs.


The time is well past now for us to walk this path of healing.


So I invite you to join me on this sacred mission of whole-ing. A mission of returning to our birthright of inter-being and inter-belonging.

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Forest Golden Stone Wisdom School

The Golden Stone Wisdom School is both a deeply healing journey, as well as a curriculum in learning energetic techniques and tools, the medicine of the plants, ceremonial techniques, and sacred rhythmic living within the seasons and cycles of the moon.


The journey will begin at Fall Equinox, and follow guidance from seasonal wheel of the year. For the dark 6 months of the year we will unravel, let go, discover, journey, heal, and re-member yourself in alignment with the Heart of the Earth. We will learn how to deeply care for our own body and soul, as well as the beings that share this Earth plane.


During the Autumn months of descent you will turn towards the Self, explore your own body’s wisdom, and create solid foundations of true, lasting, wellness. You will shed, stalk your shadow selves, work with spirit guides, and find self-forgiveness and compassion.


After this first half you will have completely changed how you relate to your body and yourself. You will feel a sense of embodied connection, resourcefulness, and empowerment.


As we step into Winter and the light begins to return, you will start to look outwards at your relationship with Sacred Other: the plant spirits, the land, the animals, and stone allies. We will work from the animistic perspective, and you will discover what it means to be in sacred reciprocity, and carry reverence towards the Earth.


After the second half of the program you will feel an expansive sense of place, belonging, and rich connection with our non-human kin. You will feel aligned with the seasonal ebbs and flows, and in relationship with how your personal rhythms interact with the wider cycles of nature.

Through relationship with Earth, we come to know our bodies.

Through relationship with the spiritual guides, we come to know our soul.

Through relationship with the animate forces of life, we come to know our wholeness.

Through relationship with our body, we come to know the multi-dimensional nature of reality.

Details of the Journey

"Thanks to the content of the course itself, I feel like I have a more compassionate and clear understanding of how my body speaks to me. I also feel myself leaning into symbolic and spiritual interpretation of the natural world around me, engaging in a more child-like, sacred, and playful way of interacting with other Earth organisms."


- Thea

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