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“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance… True belonging is not something you negotiate externally, it’s what you carry in your heart."

- Brene´ Brown


both in person and virtual sessions


Sliding scale $85-$120/hr


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So often we are looking outside of ourselves for something to give us a sense of connection.

So often we are seeking an answer, a way of living, from someone else, and we abandon our inner wisdom. 


I want to help you turn back towards yourself, towards your heart.

I want to help you reconnect with your intuitive knowledge about what is BEST for you.

I want to help you reconnect with your body’s wisdom, and the whispers of your body and soul.


I want you to begin to find belonging right here, right now. 

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In these sessions we journey into the realm of the body and soul. We explore what's happening inside your body, your emotional and energetic field. I hold the space for you, and you retrieve the information and the answers. I provide tools, and you do the work.

      You will strengthen your intuition.


      You will learn to recognize your body's language.

      You will learn to interact with and communicate with the information your body is sharing.

      You will get clear about what changes you need to make in your life in order to feel fulfilled and happy.

      You will learn energetic and magical tools to help you stay aligned, grounded, and clear. 


      You will discover your personal guides, here to support you on your journey

My goal with Reconnection Sessions is to help you forge bonds with yourself, to hone the skills to have a meaningful and trust worthy relationship with your true self, and the magic of life around you.

The Sessions:

Our work will include some or all of the following:

*Guided visualization work to connect with emotions, sensations, and other experiences in the body.

*Guided journey work to receive healing and messages from your guides

*Hands on Energy-work and chakra balancing (in-person sessions only)

*Plant Medicine connection

*Learning of energetic/spiritual/magical tools

*Intention setting/ritual layout


"Your choice of words and authentic messages are always music to my ears. Your path opens worlds for many of us. Thank you"


- Angela, Financial Analyst

"Amy has an amazing ability to facilitate healing within each session, holding space in a way that allowed me to be vulnerable and have the courage to be honest (even with myself) in ways that supported growth.  The comprehensive care of each session (from conversations, imagery, plant medicine, and energy work) made me feel cared for and supported my goals to align with my best self. It shifted things for me, perspectives of myself, allowed me to reflect on how I operate and pivot into healthier behaviors while learning to love myself more. I'm so thankful for Amy's gift of healing and her willingness to offer it as a service!"

- Bethany, N.D.

Amy’s presence is so comforting. She creates an environment that makes people feel completely at ease. She offers such a unique process to help people reconnect with themselves, integrating all of her different skills sets for a truly holistic approach. After each session I felt the sensation of feeling much lighter and more open. We really moved some stagnation! The ceremony given at the end, and take-away notes were really great and helped me cement the work that was done and empower me to continue with the practice of reconnecting.


-Margot, DVM

"Amy's facilitation makes for an immediately intimate space, and truly does help people reconnect with themselves and the Earth. Every time I see her I have had major shifts in my body and in my person, and I feel so healed and held when in session with her."

-Amanda, Women's Business Coach

The Body does not lie.


The more deeply we communicate and connect with our bodies, the more conscious we can allow our lives to become.

Make your life conscious.

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