Reconnection Sessions

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance… True belonging is not something you negotiate externally, it’s what you carry in your heart."​ 
- Brene´ Brown

These sessions are an all-inclusive package of soulful embodiment work, journey work, energy work, Earth medicine, plant spirit medicine, and ceremony design.

What Are Reconnection Sessions?


In our culture, we are severed from the very fabric of Life that sustains us. We are lonely, isolated, disconnected, and tend to feel unworthy and anxious. Reconnection sessions will show you how to begin reweaving yourself back into kinship with your body and the Earth, and into a story of inter-being, reciprocity, and belonging.


  • I want to help you turn back towards yourself, towards your heart. 

  • I want to help you reconnect with your body’s wisdom, and the whispers of your body and soul.

  • I want you to begin to find belonging right here, right now. 


In these sessions we journey into the realm of the body and soul. We explore what's happening inside your body, your emotional and energetic field. I hold the space for you, and you retrieve the information and the answers. We also call on the realms of the plants, the medicine from the Earth, the Elements, and the use of sacred ceremony.​


  • You will strengthen your intuition.

  • You will learn to recognize your body's language. 

  • ​You will start to feel a sense of connection and belonging​

  • You will learn energetic and magical tools to help you stay aligned, grounded, and clear. 

  • You will discover your personal guides, here to support you on your journey

  • You will find meaningful relationship with the Earth, the Elements, and the Plants

​My goal with Reconnection Sessions is to help you forge bonds with yourself, to hone the skills to have a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with your true self, the Earth, and the magic of life around you.

Two Dried Leaves

​The Package

Reconnection Sessions are sold as a package. In it you will receive:

  • A brief introductory call to determine if these sessions are right for you

  • A 4-page questionnaire that helps you assess your current state and get clarity on goals and intentions  

  • 3 one-hour long in-person sessions over the course of 3 weeks

  • 1oz plant medicine tincture blend specifically crafted for you

  • A personalized ceremony outline for you to complete at home

  • A final call after you've completed your personal ceremony that reviews our process together and lists all the tools and resources you have available to you.

The Investment

  • $333 paid in full prior to the first session (save $27 by paying in full)

  • If a payment plan is needed, you can spread out three payments of $120 over the course of the three weeks we work together.*

  • If you'd like to find out if Reconnection Sessions are a good fit for you, you can book a free informational call - contact me here

The Sessions

Our work will include some or all of the following: 

  • Guided visualization work to connect with emotions, sensations, and other experiences in the body.

  • Guided journey work to receive healing and messages from your guides

  • Hands on Energy-work and chakra balancing

  • Plant Medicine connection

  • Learning of energetic/spiritual/magical tools

  • Intention setting

  • Personal ceremony design

  • Creating sacred space

  • Altar building