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Intuitive Bodywork in Portland

Intuitive Bodywork

Integrated sessions including: cranial sacral therapy, energy work, myofascial release work

I accept the following insurance:

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Moda Health, Regence BCBS

(please check your benefits to see if your plan covers massage therapy)

My bodywork sessions are built off a blend of techniques which include energy healing and chakra repair, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and sometimes deep tissue work to target the muscles themselves.


These sessions anchor into the vast interconnection between the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies. 


Your body is a story-keeper. Layer upon layer of energy, emotion, beliefs and memory are written into the tissue. Held for safe-keeping until there is someone present enough to share them with, someone available enough to witness them.


It’s a beautiful experience to be able to meet and be invited to listen to a small stanza of the poem when I work with people in my practice. I am awed, truly each and every time, by what’s shared. 


Sometimes bodies are really talkative. They wear their stories boldly on the surface. And other times there’s layers of protection that I get to witness and gain trust from, in order for them to soften and let me in as a sacred witness to the tender parts deeper within. 

holistic bodywork in portland

60 min | $120
75 min | $150
90 min | $175

Every session is built off of what your body is communicating with me while you’re on the table, and I am guided by the visual and kinesthetic imprints I receive from your body.


I am fascinated by how emotions are held within the body, and often find old, unprocessed emotion and wounding inside areas of chronic pain or tension in the body. Part of my work is to energetically communicate with these parts of you, and help you shift and integrate these habitual responses, stories, or emotions.


Within our session I may also incorporate plant spirit medicine or guided visualization.

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