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What would your body need in order to know it belonged?

We are re-writing the story of the humanity right now.

We’ve been living in old, tight, confining skin for too many centuries.

And it’s up to us to be a part of that re-storying.

How would you like your new story to be told?

I feel these new stories spun and sung inevitably must be rooted in the depths of the Earth to allow us a remembrance of home, of root, of belonging


And to do this we start with intentional connection.

Enjoy this guided meditation to take you into your body, and connect with a tree ally, deep in the soil of the Earth. 

We have so much to learn from the way trees hold themselves. Among other things, they can help us find a deep rooted stability, a sense of safety, and trust within ourselves. 

Connecting with these allies is the first step towards re-rooting yourself in a new story of groundedness and belonging.


The meditation itself is grounding, nourishing, and relaxing.

Image by veeterzy
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