August 10, 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about how our vision is strengthened when we can easily orient our eyes from close-up to far-away, the adjustment dial fluidly moving like a camera lens. The same is true for our inner vision. Our inner vision and spiritual clarity is strengthened when we can fluidly shift our perspective from wide to narrow and back again.

Widening our perspective can be incredibly important when we’re wallowing about life or ruminating on a story o...

January 29, 2020

When we are in pain, when we are running our habitual destructive behaviors, when we are surprised with a diagnosis or health condition, it can be extremely upsetting. We just want someone to take care of us, to do something for us and to us, to give us exactly what we need, without us even having to ask. We want a simple and quick fix. We want to take a drug or an herb that will change everything. We just want to be healed.

This is, of course, underst...

January 15, 2020

“Inviting your body to gently let go will allow you to receive more support.”

This is something close to what my yoga teacher said this morning. And as I contemplated this, I recognized how pertinent this theme is with my clients.

With chronic pain there is often an energetic of holding on or grasping in the muscle tissue. This is a dynamic that can be created from habitually signaling the body to keep going, to try harder, to go further, to give and give in...

August 23, 2018

I recently had a major revelation. That somewhere locked deep in my body, my unconscious mind, was a belief that if I let go of control, I give up my power. This revelation shocked me.  It was not something I had consciously thought about or believed. It does makes sense, though, as many of the images of power in our culture are tied upwith controlling others or being in “control.”

The first definition of control that pops up when I search Google...

April 11, 2018

I write a lot about connection. True connection that nourishes us: our bodies, our hearts, as well as our relationship with the earth. A big part of that piece of connection is slowing down. Something that is extremely difficult to do for many of us. Here I want to explore the importance of the cycle of expansion and contraction, and the importance for us as a culture to remember the “exhale,” the idea of contraction, of resting. 

The dominant paradigm conce...

January 25, 2018

This past weekend I journeyed to visit the Redwoods in Northern California. I hadn’t visited them for 10 years and was immediately taken. I cried and laughed in awe multiple times over my two-day visit. I learned so much from being in their presence, and felt indescribably interlinked with the ancient mystery of this Earth. I think the most important teaching I received while there was regarding embodiment. Interesting, that a non-human form had so much to...

October 31, 2017

"Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing;

rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day. 

Movement gives health and life. 
Stagnation brings disease and death."

- proverb in traditional Chinese Medicine

Every October I begin to feel more alive. As the leaves turn, as the sun wanes, I feel a sense of growing communion with that which is unseen. I feel the penetrating truth that lies just beyond our day-to-da...

October 2, 2017

                Photo by Artem Mishukov

I woke up this morning with the words “Hollow Bones” ringing in my ears. I had been dreaming about old, jagged bones, placed in a circle, waiting to be filled. Filled in the only way they could be: by connection. They were our ancestors' bones. They were our bones. 

When we forget to honor the very things that give us life, we remove ourselves from the reciprocal cycle of generosity an...

July 19, 2017

St. John's Wort (SJW) has long been associated with the summer time and peak solar energy. Traditionally, it is said to be most potent if harvested on the summer solstice when the earth receives the longest bath of the sun's rays. The bright yellow flowers locking in some serious solar blessings, SJW helps us feel that warmth and shine throughout the darker months. It can uplift those of us with seasonal depression, or really most forms of depression, letha...

June 10, 2017

With rampant violence and fear in our world today, it can be really difficult to find center and peace in our bodies and minds. Living in a time with such unpredictability is a literal constant stress. Over time, these consistent low grade stresses create a cascade of physical and emotional symptoms that effect our entire body.

When we live steeped in stress, our bodies react as if we are physically in danger, and we reside within the "fight or flight" resp...

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