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Your Sacred Voice Matters

Imbolc season helps us answer the question of who and what we’re here to serve, and helps us align our will and Divine will in co-creation.

Where your passion meets your purpose you are a vessel for service.

And it is at this time that we're invited to align the direction of our arrow, our course of action for the year, towards what we're in service to.

No matter where your truth points you, there is a sacred medicine in your voice yearning to be spoken.

In the 6 month Golden Stone Immersion, we’ve made our way up through the lower energy centers, through the heart, and are now activating the throat center.

The throat is an energy center that refines us in our truth. It helps us resonate more coherently with the truth of who we are, and helps purify what is out of alignment.

An excerpt from the Golden Stone Throat Chakra handout:

“It is here in the throat chakra that we can consciously express our truth, and align with our authenticity. It is with a healthy throat chakra where we can enact integrity, where we can be honest with ourselves and others. We become active players in how we choose to express, and how our expression then creates our lived experience…
All creativity is a form of expression. As we speak, create and express, we shape the world around us, we create and form our relationships. We give voice to the creative desires and emotions born in the 2nd chakra in order to make them real. The word abracadabra comes from the Aramaic phrase “avra kehdabra,” a powerful invocation that translates to “I will create as I speak.” Through communication, we create our lives and our circumstances.”

We’re being called to activate our throats in support of the Earth, and all of life, right now. We are at a very fragile precipice, and our collective voice can help shift the trajectory of our reality.

This is the time to align with your own center, with your own voice, with your own truth, and let the warming flame inside the earth guide you towards what it is you’re in service to.

What is it that you’re called to encourage in the world through your voice?

Is there something your throat wants to speak truth to?

We need you to speak with intention, to create beauty and love on this Earth, and to speak as a voice for those (human and non-human) who cannot.

The children of Gaza. The wolves being killed. The waters and air absorbing our pollution. The ocean life filled with plastic. The Western Red Cedars dying from the changing climate. Or any other number of peoples, lands, animals, or earth allies that don’t have voice.

The level of destruction and harm being enacted in the world today is heart-breaking and terrifying.

And I know it can be hard, especially as a sensitive soul, to remain present for the truth of this and not go into freeze or other trauma response.

We are in a death and rebirth portal. One that will change the trajectory of this planet for millennia to come.

I say this not breed contraction or helplessness, but instead to breathe you into connection to your inner flame, your inner passion that awakens you into aligned action. The inner fire that reminds you that, yes, we're each small, but together a mighty force.

To help you remember that every little life weaves together to create the Great Song of Life. To remind you that your voice matters.

Can you hear your voice in this Great Song?

Who are you harmonizing with?

What words are you singing?

What frequency are you transmitting?

I invite you now to align with your sacred throat center, the center of manifestation and creation. Align with your truth and speak your vision for the Earth. Speak for Love. Speak for those who cannot speak.

We need your voice of creation.

Whether casting a spell into the winds, sharing something on social media, speaking with your family, contacting your reps, singing medicine songs, or whispering aloud prayers to the waters…

Use your voice. Use your sacred Voice.


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