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"Amy is truly amazing. I feel safe and cared for by her. She has a grounding, calm, gentle presence and is highly skilled in her many gifts and crafts. She is the healer I've always needed/wanted. Could not more highly recommend her!" - Mysti I.

"Amy is an amazing bodyworker and energy healer, as well as being skilled in plant medicine. The whole experience with her is healing, from the careful and thoughtful intake forms to the incredible healing she provides. She has a beautiful way of working with both the physical and energetic bodies, which creates a very healing experience. I highly recommend working with Amy! I feel both physically and energetically nurtured and supported." - Jenelle W.

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"I love everything about Amy! Her calm presence, beautiful studio, and her beautiful offerings. I’ve just finished 3 series of reconnection sessions, and now I see the world in such different ways than 4 weeks ago before I met her. She really helped me to connect with myself within, and by doing so, I am more confident and feel really comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never had such clear imagery during any guided meditation/shamanic journey. One of the things about her work is, it lasts long time not just “feel good on the massage table” kind of thing, and the experiences with her change you and your world. Thank you Amy for the wonderful wonderful healing sessions!" - C.S.

"Working with Amy has been life changing. She has helped me release long bottled-up negative emotions, resulting in an incredible improvement in my quality of life. Every day, I literally feel, think, and act substantially better and, being better able to connect and far more able to respond with understanding and kindness rather than react with anger based on fear, I am a better spouse, father, colleague, and friend. 

I could not be more grateful to Amy and cannot recommend her more highly to anyone motivated to let go of what’s weighing you down so you can more forward and actually live and enjoy life." -J.E.

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Driving to work this morning as the sun came up, I felt a rush of warmth and feeling and inner connection that I haven't accessed in a very long time, and I attribute that in large part to our two sessions. Thank you." -Sarina F.

"I loved our session so much today.

Thank you for the wordless exchange where

my body feels safe to unravel and be seen." - A. H.

"Amy is an amazingly talented and powerful healer! I have received dozens of healing sessions from Amy over the past several years and each time I feel deeply supported by her clear presence and the unique blend of techniques she intuitively weaves into each session.  Moments that stand out to me in particular include the session she gave me immediately after I was rear-ended a few years ago.  My neck was extremely sensitive and could not tolerate any direct pressure at all. Amy performed Reiki on my neck and I will never forget the instant relief I felt, like a gentle wave of warm light was filling my neck, alleviating the acute pain I was experiencing. I remember saying, “This feel like heaven,” and she replied, “It is!” Another of my most profound healing experiences occurred while receiving Mayan Abdominal massage from Amy.  The combination of physical and energetic techniques brought about many healing insights and beautiful visualizations prompted by Amy’s intuitive verbal guidance. I am infinitely grateful for all the blessings I’ve received, and continue to receive, from Amy’s healing hands and loving heart!" - Becca E.K.

"First it must be said that Amy is a true miracle worker. Amy was able to cure me of chronic back pain, so I was excited to have her work on my "energetic spasms" or "blockages" and I was not disappointed. She moved from head to toe and everywhere between, pulling oily chains from my stomach and playing intermediary between forces watching over me and begging for my attention. She helped to fine tune my awareness regarding certain regions of my body that needed and still do need extra attention. Its worth noting these same regions have been pin pointed in varying other forms of energy work that I have had since, so its nice to have continuity. I would rate Amy ten out of ten and I do recommend her to friends and family." - Justin L.

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"I have been blessed to receive healing in the form of massage, energy healing, and plant medicine from Amy for the past 4 years. I always feel in a safe and loving space while with her.  During the session I feel deeply into my body and receive insight in the form of emotions, sensations, and images. Sometimes I am present and sometimes I slip into a dream. After the session I feel more whole, more integrated, more aware of my body, my own goodness and more easily able to source self love.  I appreciate the deep connection and knowledge that Amy has with each modality, and her unique gifts which she integrates beautifully to best meet my needs during each session." - Jessica E.

"What can I say; Amy is without a doubt a true miracle worker. I was in the military for 7 years, with major back pain, and back spasms. After multiple x-rays, mri's, and visits with various "professionals," Western medicine decided that regular shots into my back, followed up by heavy doses of muscle relaxers would be the only way the could help me. So at the ripe old age of 26, I had conceded to the fact that I would be dealing with this forever. Luckily for me I met Amy, who quickly realized my problems actually stemmed from my legs and flowed into my lower back. She has treated me and I feel great. So here I am a year later, and I am living a life of freedom. I cannot say enough great things about Amy. She is so nice, sympathetic and truly caring. 5 Stars, 2 thumbs up, 10 out of 10!" - J.L.      

"I am very stoked to have found Amy and super appreciative to have her in my network of healers. Started coming to her for energy work at a moment in life where I was energetically burned out and creatively stifled. With her open approach, broad knowledge base and array of skills within a few sessions I was back on track, full focus and drive." - Jesse C.

"I have been receiving massage therapy from Amy for several years, and without hesitation, can strongly recommend her as a massage therapist.  I highly value her knowledge, skills, and professional presentation. She is very sensitive to the needs of her clients, and provides a safe, comfortable, tranquil setting for the massage experience. I have found each and every massage I have received from Amy to be thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial.  I owe her a debt of gratitude for the high quality service that she provides, as this has helped to relieve stress in my life, and keep by body in balance." - Maxine B.

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    "Amy has a beautiful energy and you can feel it during the session. She is a great listener and attends specifically to your needs. I love that she makes her own herbal products - I have never seen that before from a massage therapist. You can tell she has put in a lot of love and effort. I was having issues with breathing and somehow I can say she "cured" me. She took away the stress that had been planted inside of me for a long time." - Karla M.

"As a landscaper, martial artist and bad ass daddy, I work my body hard. I also have suffered from chronic injuries that affect my everyday life. Amy has helped me with this and more. Her intuitive approach to healing always soothes the body and soul. Amy is someone I can highly recommend and trust."

- Juan Carlos S.

"Amy's intuitive and sensitive approach to therapeutic massage rescued me from a series of painful frozen neck spasms. I don't know what I would have done to get my head moving properly again, if I had not found her to help me. Now I see her for maintenance and further loosening of muscles that have been spasm-prone for years."  - Jean C.

“In addition to the physical healing, Amy has been very helpful in addressing other problem areas for me.  I have suffered from insomnia much of my life due to social anxiety and stress.  I've tried various over-the-counter sleep aids to no avail. Her advice and natural healing herb tinctures have helped me to sleep soundly and have greatly improved my overall quality of life. I now sleep soundly nearly every night thanks in large part to her aid. I think the most impressive aspect to Amy's work is her earnest desire to help and heal.  It's not often you get to meet someone who takes such pride in their work and her honesty and genuineness is very refreshing.  If you are in pain, or just under a lot of stress, she will do whatever she can to ensure you get on the path to well-being.  I would highly recommend Amy to anyone in search of bodywork." - Bram V.

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