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Equinox Medicine: Holding Duality within Ourselves

The land is waking up around us. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.) The crocuses and daffodils have shown up first to the party, showcasing their bright colors to contrast the gray of winter. The young dandelion greens are looking vibrant and fresh, and the light lingers in the sky noticeably later.

This beautiful, steady process softly awakens us to the impending spring.

And yet, today we spring our clocks ahead, which will propel us a little more drastically, a little more shockingly, into the season. (I’m not a fan of daylight savings).

How does your body feel now? What does it feel like for you to anticipate emergence? Or be thrown a little more quickly now into this emergence?

Are you wound and ready to spring forth? Or perhaps a little more hesitant to rise, wanting to pull the covers back overhead for one more chance to slip into a dream state?

There’s not one approach to awakening, to emerging, or to any aspect of the seasonal cycle for that matter.

What’s important to uncover is how you relate, how your own body interacts with the energies at play.

Spring Equinox is a little over a week away, but we are already feeling the energy of it. For the week before and after Equinox the day and night are about equal.

In this short season of equality, we get to explore what it means to be in balance, and to explore nuance and duality.

Where the light and the dark have equal say. Where we take into account all perspectives and voices equally.

Where adversaries and opposites bow to one another in honor and respect. Veneration even. For they would not know themselves without their opposite.

A question for you… Do you ever feel there’s parts of yourself that are at odds with one another?

Perhaps a part of you that longs for freedom and adventure, and another part longs for safety and familiarity?

Or a part of you that craves intimacy and connection, and other part that craves spaciousness? Or that your heart is breaking open in grief and pain, and simultaneously with joy and love?

We are all housed with a dual nature. Each of us composed of parts that seemingly contradict other parts. But let me tell you, all is welcome here within the totality of your own wholeness, all is welcome here at Equinox.

Equinoxes can help us learn to hold the duality, nuance and multiple truths within us. Which will inevitably help us hold that same understanding externally, with others and with the world.

An invitation:

Take some time to write down all the dualities that live inside of you.

Maybe there is one in particular right now that is causing you some strife. If so, give time to let each of these aspects of you be heard.

(For example, let the part that longs for adventure speak, and then the part that longs for familiarity speak.)

Let all voices be heard at the Great Equinox Table.

Go in with no agenda, just letting voices be heard. And see how you feel once they’ve spoken and been allowed to be seen.


Check out my pre-recorded class:

The Spirit of Awakening with Nettle Medicine

In this class you will:

*Attune with the energy of the early spring, and notice how your body relates to and responds to this energy.

*Connect with your body and see what parts of yourself are calling out for the energy of awakening.

*Be guided on a journey to meet the spirit of Nettle.

*Invite Nettle to help you revitalize and rejuvenate the area of your body/part of your life that needs support.


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