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Welcoming the Transition to Spring with Intention

The Spring Equinox is upon us, which will usher us into the light half of the year.

For the next 6 months we will be in the domain of light, to explore our emergence, growth, sensuality, expansion, fullness, and ability to be seen.

It is at this initiation of Spring when there is a metaphorical rebirth. Something within us awakens with the return of the sun. Something that’s been stirring through the dark months now receives enough light to reach its tender, yet brave, tendrils out to explore.

As with any shift in season, I feel strongly about how meaningful it can be to pause to honor the transition.

These are moments when we can really grow or deepen our relationship with the seasons and the Earth. They are moments when we can see ourselves as a reflection of Earth, and uncover another layer of our wholeness. They are moments when we feel the ways in which we belong to the Earth, and the Earth belongs to us. A co-belonging that feeds our deepest selves.

Ways to honor the transition from Winter to Spring:

  • Take some intentional time to thank the energy/spirit of Winter and the element of Earth for all they’ve taught you these past 3 months: really ponder all that Winter and Earth have guided you through or taught you these past 3 months (since Winter Solstice).

  • Welcome the energy/spirit of Spring into your home and your life.

  • Welcome the element of Air: open the windows and let the fresh air of the season sweep through your home, or invite some deep intentional breaths into your body.

  • Give your altar a makeover.

  • Set an intention for the season, and speak this prayer of intention to Spring and Air to witness.

  • Take some time to really tune in to your body. What does this shift in season feel like inside of your own body? Sometimes it can feel amazing. Sometimes it can feel scary or be hesitant to emerge. However it feels to you is great. It's information to be consciously worked with.

Remember that this is a transitional time. ​ And transitions are not always easy.


What inspirations, motivations, or actions do I feel stirring that want to be acknowledged at this time? ​

What does the energy of awakening feel like in my body? Close your eyes and consider the word AWAKENING. Where do you feel it? What shape, texture, color, and movement does it have? What does it have to say to you?

What is one thing I can do this week that can support the awakening that may be happening on some level in my life?


Explore the Spring Season further with The Sacred Seasons Spring guidebook.


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