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We are Cyclical Beings: Learning from the Seasons

We are cyclical beings by nature. We move in circles and spirals, no matter how much we or our dominant culture try to impose linearity.

Life itself always, always moves according to the life-death-life cycle. Birth, growth, ripeness, decay, death, fallowness. Which then feeds new life.

Over and over again we experience and live this: the way we cycle through peaks and valleys of energies within a day, in our menstrual cycles, the seasons in a year, the trajectory of our lifespan on earth.

We move through hunger cycles, sleep cycles, cycles of rest and action.

We witness cycles all day every day, every season, every year.

We witness the birth and growth of spring, the ripeness of summer, the decay and death of Autumn, and the fallowness of Winter beginning to prepare ground for new life yet again.

And if we’re attuned enough to ourselves, we have witnessed this same cycle within our lives, within our relationships, on our healing paths, or throughout our creative endeavors.

A spark of inspiration, creative action, fruition, integration, letting go, and rest.

Or simply put: a period of expansion followed by a period of contraction.

Every aspect of ourselves is privy to cycles. Everywhere we look we can learn about the cyclical nature of life.

One of the reasons I filter my work through the lens of the seasons is because it immediately attunes us to this deep truth of life here on Earth.

A deep truth of our own humanness, and how our own humanness is actually just Nature herself.

The seasons not only provide a beautifully orchestrated blueprint to study, but they also drop us into the felt sense of rhythmic communion with the wider nature of life.

When we become apprentices to the seasons, we become nuanced about the patterns of energy that appear everywhere. Externally and internally.

We start to see the greater patterning of life and learn to apply its teachings to our biggest questions, our soul’s unfolding, and our healing journey.

We learn to trust in life’s ways, and trust in the impermanent, yet trusty, nature of the Universe.

We start to recognize how we are a microcosm of the macrocosmic dance between the earth and the sun, and lean into the vastness we hold as bodies.

When we can really take this all in, in an embodied, experiential way, there's something that opens inside of us: an opening to our wholeness.

I’ve intentionally mentored with the Seasons for almost 15 years now, and I learn more from them every passing year.

Every year, they meet me exactly where I am on my path, and a new aspect of their medicine unfolds, providing insight in a new aspect of my own self.

A new understanding, a new meaning to their medicines, and a new layer of awakening to becoming more of myself.

That’s the beauty about these cycles. We always meet again, and yet we’re both always changing.

They meet you where you are in your own unfolding. No matter how you arrive to the season, they will have insight and medicine for you.

Give yourself over to the seasons. Ask what they are teaching you this year. What is stirred in you this chapter of your dance with Life?


For further learning with the seasons, check out my Sacred Seasons Spring Guidebooks and a new course, The Spring Inner Well

This is a 6-module course designed to bring you on a more experiential journey of relating to the seasonal and elemental energies at play both in and around you.

This course expands on the Sacred Seasons Spring Guidebook, although it is a stand-alone course, serving both those who’ve read the guidebook, and those who have not.

The course includes video classes, embodiment rituals, plant medicine making tutorials, and guided meditations.


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