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Dandelion Magic + Childlike Wonder

I love how the Spring season draws us out of hiding and lures us into her majesty.

The cherry blossoms are singing and the magnolias are regally perched in their magnificence. The nettles are awakening the forest floor, and the cheerful dandelion sunshine is carpeting lawns. ​

My 19-month old niece is infatuated with the newly arriving dandelions. She approaches each one with a “woooooooow,” and then wants to add it to the already-overflowing fistful in each hand. ​

She then looks at her bounty as if it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever witnessed. (And it just might be.) “Woooooooooow,” she says again with all the might her sweet, tiny voice can muster.

She’s awakening my own wonder of these actually truly stunning little flowers. Because they’re so common, thought of as pests and weeds, and bloom over many months, we often become desensitized to their exquisiteness. ​

Each flower head is actually hundreds of tiny little ray flowers all aligned in a spiral pattern of joy. And the entire plant can be eaten or used as medicine.

They almost beg us to be picked. They want to share their medicine and joy with us. They have an overflowing abundance ready to spread to the world.

Have you, too, picked one and caressed your cheek with it? (They’re very soft and comforting.)

My favorite thing to do with the flowers is to infuse them in oil to make a nourishing body oil for the muscles and skin.

Spring is the season of the child, or the maiden, reminding us of our innocence within. Reminding us of the way we used to see the world with awe and freshness.

Spring invites us to explore that child-like aspect of ourselves again. To let them lead. To peel back the film that’s covered our senses and re-awaken to the true enchantment of this life.

This season is reminding me to revisit my inner-child dates I used to do regularly (inspired by artist’s dates in the Artist’s Way).

I let my inner-child lead for an hour or two, exploring the delight of the world in the way I used to. Maybe I go to an art store and pick out stickers or sparkly pens. Maybe I swing on the swings and lay in the grass. Maybe I go get ice cream and walk around, looking at the world through innocent eyes.

I love that each season honors a different aspect of our experience. A different archetype, a different energy, different themes, medicines, challenges, and joys. When we let ourselves be a student of the seasons, we remember and reclaim the many facets of ourselves.


For classes exploring seasonal themes and plant medicines visit the Golden Stone Wisdom School.

For more inspiration on seasonal medicine, check out the Sacred Seasons Guidebooks.


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