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Classes & Events

Classes and Events

The Magic of Earth Consciousness

April 15th, 10am-1pm



In this 3-hr workshop you will explore the deep wisdom of the Earth, and tap into the powerful energy it holds. 


Through guided experiential journeys and embodiment exercises, you will build a deeper sense of belonging, worthiness, and connection to the wider consciousness of Life that flows through the wisdom of the plants and Earth.

Come be with a community of others longing to connect with the Magic of Earth Consciousness

Embodying the Elements



Embodying the Elements is a 4 week healing journey exploring how our bodies relate to the main elements of nature.


Our bodies are a microcosm of all the energies that surround us. How does your body mimic the body of the Earth? How do the elements that form the living world around you also inform and direct your own life? How can you harness these energies for healing, wellbeing, and balance?

Golden Stone Wisdom School

The Golden Stone Wisdom School

Fall Equinox 2023 - Spring Equinox 2024

Registration closed for this round. 

A 6-month immersive dive into embodiment and earth medicine. Learn to understand your body's wisdom, your energy body, and the messages they share.


Connect with elemental wisdom, the forces of the Earth, your spiritual guides and soul team, seasonal wisdom, plant spirit medicine, and more. 

All in the presence of a beautiful community of support.

plant allyship

Call Into Darkness: Deepening Plant Allyship

Yearly from Samhain to Winter Solstice


This is a 6 week journey, guided by 6 plant allies, to help support you over the darkest weeks of the year.

Each week, you will work with one plant medicine to help you connect with yourself, heal a specific area of your body, psyche, and soul, and gain wisdom from these more-than-human kin.

Gifts of the Body Classes and Events

Gifts of the Body Mini-Retreat

Sat. Feb. 18th​ 10am-1:30pm

At SomaSpace in Portland, OR


Spend the morning with your body, exploring your home, and reacquainting yourself with this magical vessel during the mid-point of the Winter season. 

In this class we will explore the array of magical gifts the body gives us, including breath, intuition, emotions, movement, and our senses. This mini-retreat will be relaxing, restorative, intriguing, and inspiring. It is all you need to form a sense of true belonging within yourself. 

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