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Plant Magic: A Shamanic Plant Medicine Immersive
Plant Magic: A Shamanic Plant Medicine Immersive

Sun, Jul 09


Near Balfour Park

Plant Magic: A Shamanic Plant Medicine Immersive

Ally yourself with the spiritual forces of the plant world, and be transformed by their wisdom

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Time & Location

Jul 09, 2023, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT

Near Balfour Park, SE Balfour St, Milwaukie, OR 97222, USA

About the event

Learn to listen more intimately to the energetic and spiritual forces of the Earth.

And open yourself up to the spiritual medicine of the plants.

Do you have a desire to grow your intuitive listening body?

Do you know that the living world around you is speaking to you, calling you forth, but you can’t quite decipher how to listen or what to do?

In this day-long workshop, learn how to ally with, and deepen your relationship the plants. Each and every plant on this planet has a particular energetic frequency or spiritual blueprint. While some plant beings are more friendly, medicinal, or devoted to supporting humans, truly all of the plants can be our teachers. 

When we ally ourselves with the spiritual forces of the plant world, we anchor ourselves back in the living, breathing, web of life.

This way of working with plants is shamanic. It happens on both a body and soul level. 

It’s not like reading a passage about the medicinal properties of a plant, that you can remember and recite. It requires putting time and effort into relationship. Really getting to know the plant, the unique qualities that plant offers, and building mutual respect and appreciation. It takes more time, but beauty and deep wisdom that is gained is well worth the time.

This relational approach to herbs and plant medicine is what allows for not only deeply knowing the medicine of a plant in your body, but also invites us into a wider conversation with our inter-relationship with the Earth and land. It is what puts us into direct conversation with the mysterious unknown. With the forces of the unseen that weave themselves through all that exists. 

And when we truly begin to see, feel and know the sentience of these non-human kin, we begin to recognize our oneness. We recognize we all feed one another. We feel a sense of belonging and purpose. We feel a sense of awe, gratitude, and fierce protective love for our inter-species community.

This is what I truly believe can change the world.

In our immersive day together we will be outdoors, in community, as we learn how to navigate the subtle ways these beings communicate with us. The whole day will be ceremonial, as we honor both the plants as well as our intuitive capacities and inter-relation with the Earth’s inhabitants. 

We will create a sacred container together to hold us in opening to the unseen realms. You’ll learn the ins and outs of plant spirit medicine and be guided into your heart and sensory body to listen to information from the subtle realms. We will have a community experience of journeying with a plant tincture together in order to experience perceiving the medicine in both our physical and sublte bodies. 

We'll explore the realm of ceremony, how to hold ceremony with the plants, how to build your intuition and deep listening skills, and how to journey with the plant spirits.

And we will have ample time to stretch out with a personal plant guide, experience their energies and wisdom, and practice listening to their ways of communicating with us. We will gather together to share in circle to learn from, witness, and cultivate connection with one another. 

This will NOT be a workshop in herbal medicine making, harvesting, or intellectual learning about particular plant medicines. Although I'm happy to answer any questions that come up throughout the day.

This WILL be a workshop in shamanic techniques of plant communication: developing intuition + the sensory body, learning to communicate with the plant kingdom as a whole, and being ceremonial healing space. This will be a workshop on the techniques of working with plant spirit medicine so that you can apply them to any and all plants you wish to work with in the future. 

This workshop is for you if:

*You are new to the plant spirit medicine world and want to learn how to engage with the plants on this level

*You’re an experienced herbalist and want another layer to bring to your work

*You’ve sat with plant spirit medicines before, even for many years, and simply want to enjoy time deep-diving with the plants and learning more about yourself and their medicines

*You love plants and want to connect with them in more meaningful ways

*You’ve been craving in-person community, and want to meet fellow plant-loving friends

*You’re open to the magical or spiritual quality of life, and resonate with the idea that we can communicate with energies beyond the physical

*You are interested in, or already know you that love, ceremony and sacred space

This workshop is not for you if:

*You want to learn about the constituents of the plants or want to be taught what a specific plant is “good” for

*You are wanting a more conventional approach to herbalism

*You don't resonate with the idea that we are more than our 3D body and experience


Details will be sent out once you sign up. 



“Amy’s facilitation makes for an intimate space between people really fast, and truly does help people reconnect with themselves, each other and the earth.” - Amanda Y.

“Amy’s class helped me wake up to the power of every plant. I always thought the powerful plants were the psychedelics, but I now know better now. There are so many medicine plants that are opening to us in the plant realm, and it's now up to me to be open to listening.” - Dee G.


*Sign up before Summer Solstice, 6/21, with coupon code PLANTLOVER23 and receive $100 off the ticketed price!

*Receive 2 free months in the Circle of Interbeing, a monthly online gathering for students who have been through my classes. A place where we remember our belonging through embodied spiritual medicine, and animistic encounters through plant spirit meditation and other journeys. 

*I am passionate about sharing this medicine with all who are ready and interested. If sliding scale, a different payment structure or payment plan would help you come, please contact me and we can start a conversation about it.  


  • Plant Magic

    A Shamanic Plant Medicine Immersive

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