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Gifts of the Body Mini-Retreat

”Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.”


In the depths of mid-winter, I offer you an online mini-retreat to realign yourself with your body.


To show your body some love for all it does for you each and every day.

To help you hone skills and tools for deep listening, relaxation, and supporting your body’s thriving. 


Spend the morning with your body, exploring your home, and reacquainting yourself with this magical vessel during the mid-point of the Winter season.


In this mini-retreat you will:

  • honor your body with appreciation and love

  • listen to the stories and wisdom your body wants to share 

  • move and clear energy

  • invite deep relaxation

  • nourish your nervous system

  • develop your intuition

  • learn tools to help you continue to support your relationship with your body each and every day

  • leave feeling more connected and appreciative of your body than ever before!

After 15 years of working as a bodyworker, I can say that I am in awe of what I encounter each and every day. The reverence I have for bodies is supreme. One of my greatest passions is helping people realign and reconnect with their bodies, igniting a sense of gratitude, trust, and reverence.


In our culture our bodies have been maligned. And so many of us are disconnected from the wisdom they hold. We’re taught that they slow us down, they need too much, and they’re never beautiful or strong enough. There’s always something to fix.


When we look at our bodies through this lens, it’s no wonder they suffer.


Our cells imprint memory and emotion. And when we speak to them or think about them in certain ways, they hold that memory. They carry the weight of that shame, blame, or criticism.


But we have the power to change that story, and to build healthy, meaningful, and trusting relationships with our bodies. 

We can learn to see them as profound and multi-faceted, powerful and wise. We can learn to see them as the important interface between our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional worlds. 


Join us if you want to:

  • explore the array of magical gifts your body gives you

  • learn to feel and sense what's happening inside your body

  • dive deep on a guided journey to discover the messages and wisdom your body has for you

  • discuss ways to cultivate trust and safety for your body

  • learn how the body holds emotional, spiritual, and energetic wisdom

  • learn simple, every day tools for maintaining connection and building relationship


This retreat will be relaxing, restorative, intriguing, and inspiring. It is all you need as a foundation to form a sense of true belonging within yourself.


This retreat will be a mix of experiential and informational wisdom. We will be meditating and moving, learning and sharing. 


The Details:


Saturday Feb.18th


Price: $97


In Person in Portland, OR

at SomaSpace

Registration Closed

Gifts of the Body Retreat

Words from former students:

"This workshop was extremely helpful. I see a therapist every week for 50 minutes and we'll practice somatics but it has never felt as profound. I loved how there were several different components to your workshop- the background info, guided meditations and the journaling." 


"I have been feeling a lot of lightness and compassion towards my body, and feel like there was a big shift in how I relate to my body after the retreat."

"What I learned in the class continues to help me participate more in my pregnancy, instead of feeling like it's something that's happening to me."


"This was so lovely, thank you Amy!  I felt rejuvenated and so relaxed after."


"It was amazing to think about my body as an entity of its own, a self. I loved how you said be in relationship with it (or her, as you say), ask her what she wants, rather than dominating it. That felt so sweet and invitational. And also necessary."


How students felt when they connected with their bodies:



A homecoming


Thankful to be blessed with this body 

More conscious now of how I'm tuning in and communicating with my body


Comfortable/tender in a private relationship kind of way

Like home


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