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Black Resilience Fund, Equitable Giving Circle, and Wisdom of the Elders*

Do you long for more meaning day-to-day?

A deeper relationship with the earth?

A greater sense of belonging?

These guidebooks are a doorway in to finding meaning and connection with the cycles of the Earth, mirroring how we ourselves organically move alongside them.


Sacred Seasons gives you the tools you need to embrace each season with intention, and to harness the unique wisdom each season provides.


These books can be a helpful tool in navigating how to form a basis of anchoring in the present moment, and sow the seeds for a ripe sense of belonging and profound relationship.

Explore the Seasons with intention this year. 

Each 45-page guidebook explores the season at hand through a both practical and metaphysical lens, helping you connect to the medicine and gifts each season offers.


Paired with an element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) to explore, a personal ceremony, plant medicine, stone medicine, altar creation, journal prompts and inspired action ideas, these guidebooks are all you need to truly build a strong alliance with yourself through each season.

"Connecting with the seasons in this deeper way has allowed me to feel more consistently grounded and centered than ever before. Moving through the world feels different, more like moving with the world, living with Earth, tuned in to her ever-present support, beauty and magic." - Rebecca E.

With the Sacred Seasons Guidebooks YOU WILL:

  • Find a sense of belonging and meaning in your days

  • Implement season specific tools to take care of yourself and connect with the Season

  • Connect with the elements and learn how they relate to the seasons

  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself 

  • Drop into surrender and gratitude through ceremony

  • Follow a magical way of viewing the season

  • Experience the gifts the season has to share with us

  • Ground your body with season-specific actions

  • Cultivate a relationship with a gemstone and three plant medicines

  • Find support in creating a sacred seasonal altar 

  • Explore concepts and implement action with the "Explorations" and "Actions" sections

What people are saying...

"Sacred Seasons is a delight!  What a wonderful way to be supported through the season.  I felt as though I had my own personal usher through the experience who offered deep compassion, insight and love.  If you are interested in creating more intentionality in your life this is a simple yet truly effective way to accomplish that." 


Audrey Steele/Women's Confidence Coach 


"I have lived most of my life in the northeast yet every year I dread winter. Despite my annual resistance and mental attempts to will the cold weather not to come (which has yet to be a successful tactic), I decided to try Amy's Sacred Seasons Guidebook. I am so glad I did. The real payoff was a description of winter in Amy's book that shifted my long-standing perspective. Amy eloquently writes about winter as the transitional time that is to be celebrated as part of the journey that will bring us to spring. This really resonated with me. I read Amy's words at the time of the winter solstice. Instead of digging in my heels of resistance for the approaching months, I used the exercises outlined to embrace winter as a portal to spring. And seeing as I just used the words embrace and winter in the same sentence, I do believe it is working."


Allison Mulvaney/Registered Dietitian


"Sacred Seasons brought a new depth and richness to my daily spiritual practice.  Amy has created a beautiful self-led program, providing a framework in which I felt guided and supported, but simultaneously encouraged to allow my own intuition to lead me, with plenty of flexibility for exploring at my own pace. My awareness of the gifts of each season has greatly expanded and I am relishing the nuances of each season as it waxes and wanes. 


I discovered powerful new allies working with plant and stone medicine and have been able to meet challenge and uncertainty with an almost unwavering sense of inner stability. I know this is a result of communing with Earth on a more regular basis, in a more intentional manner, while honoring her cycles of constant change." 

Becca Ellis King/Massage Therapist and Artist

"In the darkness of winter I found comfort in the poetry which was woven throughout Amy's shared wisdom. The book was well put together and helped me to connect deeper and more sweetly with myself during this season."

Jessica Eggleston/Audiologist and Large Animal Massage Practitioner 

I invite you on a journey to rekindle your connection with the

cycles of the earth and yourself.

“Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.

Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.

Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.

Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.” 

Yoko Ono

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