These are heavy times.

We are amongst a massive reorganization of our lives.

And with big shifts often come anxiety, fear, confusion, and grief.

In this weekly circle we will come together for support.

We will have space to share our experiences, and also move through guided meditations and embodiment practices to help us stay centered, grounded, and in deep relationship with our physical and emotional bodies.

The Earth is within you. It can be accessed at any time.

Join the Circle

We meet weekly on Tuesdays 4 - 5pm PST

(day and time open to adjustments depending on people's needs)

By Donation

Anyone welcome to join at any time.

Please email me to be added to the list - I will send you a link to our Zoom Call.


To donate, Venmo @amy-terepka or donate below

This circle is for you if:

  • You've been feeling anxious or ungrounded lately

  • You're feeling lost or lonely

  • You want more connection with yourself in a meaningful way

  • Your mind has been going at10000x speed and you just need a break

  • You feel detached from your body

  • You have the tools of self-care, but you just can't implement them

  • You know you need to slow down but you feel resistant to stopping

  • You feel depleted

  • You are feeling good and resourced and want to share your wisdom in community!

"Thank you Amy!!

I had an amazing experience.

You are a real gem of a human and a guide."

- Ned W. (Earth Within You Participant)


We'd love to have you just as you are


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