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Join me this October for 4 weeks of exploring what it means to weave yourself back into relationship with the living world, your inner-most self, and ancestral wisdom.

This class will explore how our relationship with reverence is a foundational platform to help us re-story ourselves and our world around us.

We will focus on shifting the lens of separation, slowly threading the path of belonging and wholeness through discussion, journey work, ceremony, inner-child work, and ancestral connection

"If the foundation of the world is the story of separation that is transitioning to a story of inter-being, then anything you do to contribute to a new story is part of a political change too. Because the story creates the system. And we create the story.” - Charles Eisenstein

We are living through revolutionary times.


As part of the collective whole, each one of us creates a thread that weaves together to produce the of fabric of the world. What thread do you wish to contribute?


This class centers the following visions for the world: 


  • A world of reciprocity, reverence, and inter-being.

  • A world where we deeply know our place & our belonging, within the community of life.

  • A world where the plants, the animals, and all the inhabitants of this Earth are cherished, and seen as worthy and indispensable to the whole. 

  • A world where reverence for all life is a keystone

  • A world where our individual experiences and bodies are seen as a sacred and meaningful contribution to the whole

  • A world where ancestral wisdom is not forgotten, and we learn from and remember the lessons, gifts, and challenges of those before us

This class is for you if any of the following feel true:

  • You're craving community during these turbulent times

  • You feel the deep longing of place, belonging, and home

  • You believe in the concept of inter-being

  • You want to be a part of re-storying the world

  • You want to live a more reverent and reciprocal life

  • You want deeper connection with your ancestors

  • You want deeper connection with your self and your soul

  • You are intrigued by or already love journey work


In this class you will open up to a new paradigm of viewing and visioning the world around you by shifting your relationship with your inner landscape. Some likely outcomes: 

Decreased anxiety

Greater sense of self-compassion

Increased self-worth

Greater sense of peace and acceptance

Feeling more connection to non-human kin


Sense of community

The Details: 

4 Thursday evening classes:

Oct. 8th, Oct. 15th, Oct. 22st, and Oct.29th

5:30-7:30pm PST


*payment plans + several sliding scale spots available*

Email to Inquire


If you want to stay up to date on the latest offerings,

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Class Outline:

(May shift/change)

Week 1: Re-storying: From the Story of Separation to Story of Inter-being; learning from Charles Eisenstein, Tokopa Turner, Robin Wall Kimmerer; Reverence & Belonging; Journey to the in-tact place of knowing within yourself; altar creation.

Week 2: Exploration of disconnection from and betrayal of our bodies; inner child work; Shame; The Great Forgetting; Shifting our internal beliefs; Journey to heal a place of severance within yourself.

Week 3: Shifting to the lens of the sacred, exploring reverence more deeply; Reciprocity; Journey to a place on the Earth for its + our collective healing; Ceremony.

Week 4: Exploring how Patriarchy, Colonialism, and White Supremacy create stories of separation; Remembering ancestral wisdoms; Journey to connect with a wise ancestor; Offerings.

 Join the community of intentional reweaving, remembering, and re-storying.

Reclaim your sense of belonging through reverence for yourself and the world. 

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