Soulful Embodiment Facilitation

“The body always leads us home . . . if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling.”  - Pat Ogden

In-Person or Virtual | Sliding Scale $85-$120/hr.

What Is Soulful Embodiment Facilitation?

The most important relationship we will ever have in our lifetime is the relationship we have with ourself. Every single other relationship in our lives will reflect in some way our internal relationship. It really does all begin with the self. 

It is commonly said that the Body does not lie. This is the foundation upon which these sessions are built. Our bodies store an incredible amount of information and wisdom. They carry our entire life story. They carry and reflect our woundings and our desires.

These sessions will help guide you gently back into your body and meet any tension and emotion that's been stored. I will help guide you in communicating with your body, and any of your soul and spirit guides who want to show up. You will learn tools to listen and communicate with the messages of your body and soul.


We can work with specific areas of the body, overall emotional wellbeing, developing intuitive skills or energetic tools to help you at this time. We will use guided visualization as a primary focal point of the work, and I will give you concrete actions to continue the work in your daily life.

How Will They Help Me?


The more deeply we communicate and connect with our bodies, the more conscious we can allow our lives to become. The more we listen to our bodies, the more we can bring to light the more subtle patterns, emotions, and stories that are running our lives from an unconscious, behind-the-scenes place.

These sessions will help you forge bonds with yourself, to hone the skills to have a meaningful and truth worthy relationship with yourself. I will facilitate you into deeper listening with yourself, learning to trust your body, and working with your body and energy with magical and spiritual tools to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. 

The practice of attuning our subtle listening skills also helps us to develop our intuitive capacities. When we grow our ability to sense and receive subtle messages, we activate our intuition. This process can help you trust yourself, your intuitive sense and body-knowing in all aspects of your life. 

You will learn to listen to the messages your body is sharing with you. You will learn to interact with and communicate with the information your body is sharing. 


Belonging begins with feeling safe. Safe enough to exist on this land, in this world, in your body. These sessions will help you jumpstart a feeling of belonging, a belonging that in the end, only you can give yourself. 

These are NOT bodywork sessions, and are done seated. Can also be done over Zoom or Phone.