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How does Life want to move through you?

The earth was given. Not to us. It was not given to us, It was just given. Life arising out of itself, For its own sake. ~ Maya Spector

I came across this quote from a Worts + Cunning newsletter, and fell in love with the message. I love the thought and feeling of life arising out of itself for its own sake. That every aspect of life is birthing and growing and changing and dying and experiencing and feeling in order to know itself. It's similar to the idea from the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. In this book, in his conversation with God, he learns that every aspect of life is simply God experiencing themself. That in order for Creation, Universal Wisdom, Life Force, Goddess, etc. to experience themselves, they had to separate away from the oneness that is the ultimate truth of existence, and into parts in order to witness and be witnessed, see and be seen, know and be known. In this perspective, every species contributes to the aliveness of the collective. Every form and formless aspect of the universe contributes to the unfolding of life and beauty in its near endless ways of expression and orientation. This speaks to my animistic heart, as I see and feel the intelligence and consciousness of life in every inch of this Earth. From this way of seeing, even the destructive, challenging, excruciatingly painful aspects of life and humanity are parts of the ultimate oneness being able to see the potential that exists in the ALL. But I also believe that as these hideous aspects of ourselves emerge from out of the shadow to really be seen, we are ever closer to being able to integrate ourselves into a more mature, actualized species. We have been living in a perpetual adolescence where we constantly demand, push boundaries, live narcissistically, and see what we can get away with. When we mature as a species, we remember our place in the ecosystem, we contribute to the whole, we give and offer back. We aren’t so consumed by our individuality, martyrdom, pride, power or victimhood. We have a healthy and grounded concern for collective wellbeing alongside our own. We can truly see and know that the entire array of human experience can be (and does) live within each of us. That when we have the courage to look at our own way of causing pain and separation within ourselves and our lives, we help the collective integrate back into wholeness. What part of yourself do you tend to suppress? What don't you want to see or acknowledge about yourself? Where are you at war with yourself? We have the ability to be active contributors to a thriving Earth-family. We have the capacity to be walking beacons of interwoven oneness. We have the capacity to let the awakened and life-giving aspect of the Universe move through us. As we approach the rising energy of Spring, we have a chance to feel the way Life carries us upwards and outwards, in the slow dance of expansion. For today, notice how Life moves through you, how you move with Life. Do you resist? Do you clamp down and want to control it? Do you float untethered with no direction? You get to have a conversation and be in a partner dance. How does life want to arise out of you today? And how will you respond?


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