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It Takes Courage to be Reborn

This Spring I’ve been contemplating how letting go is such an integral part of rebirth.

As we exit our cozy, contained, cauldron of Winter, we embrace the completion of something to make way for what’s calling our heart’s forward.

Often in the Spring, we think about growth, expansion, creation, or being more social and engaged with the external. Yet what isn’t talked about too often is the fact that we generally need to let go of something in order for this expansion and growth to ensue.

In every season there’s a thread of the opposite season intermingling amidst the energies. Like the wise yin and yang symbol of Taoist tradition, we cannot have one energy without a drop of the contrary.

As we see new life burst forth in the Spring, it can be powerful to honor the Autumn layer that seasons the cauldron of Spring.

What has to be let go of in order for Spring to arrive? In order for new life to emerge?

The sprout must break through, and shake off, its nurturing, protective, incubative shell. When we “spring clean” and get our homes feeling bright and light, it’s because we’ve cleared out what’s become stale or unused. When you say “yes” to a passion, goal, or creative project, you are innately saying “no” to other things you've spent your time doing.

Often there's a safety of sorts that must be released in order to grow. It takes courage to leave the familiarity and move into the unknown.

So let’s honor the fact that death is here with us on the precipice of life, and it's not always easy.

When we become comfortable with the way that polarities dance together to create all moments of life, we can learn how to hold nuance more delicately and gracefully. And can learn to be more gentle with ourselves through transitions.

Let's honor ourselves as we make this transition into our fresh new aliveness. Honoring the fact that it takes courage.

This Spring, what do you need to shed that's become stale?

What needs to die back in order for you to be reborn?

What ways of being need to slough off in order to make room for a more expanded version of yourself?

What habits, thoughts, actions, people, or things need to drop away so your shiny authentic self can stand more luminous and bright?


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