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The Power of Voicing Our Truth

I have a bad habit. Too often I silence what wants to be voiced for fear of being judged. Too often I don't do something silly, crazy, out of the norm, for fear someone might form a negative opinion of me. Most of us do this to some extent throughout our lives. We feel an urge from deep down inside to start singing, dancing, doing something quirky, or even simply to say something you feel... but then we hesitate. Our minds get involved and they may say something like, "Wait! What are you doing? These people might think you're weird!" or "I don't think you should say this, someone might get offended." Then the moment of pure expression has passed.

But when we suppress what we're feeling or needing to express, a part of us is not fed. A part of us may shrivel up. We need to express our true nature. Our spirits are jumping out and want to be heard!

Recently I was at a full moon gathering. We were in the midst of a silent meditation, and I felt the urge, the need, to start "toning," or making sustained sounds, such as "om" or "ah" (learn more about it at The Voice of Life). I felt like I had energy stuck in my throat, and it needed to be released.

The room was quiet so my mind started doubting. "You might disrupt other people's meditations, do you really need to do this?" Now, usually my mind would win. It would convince my deeper intuitive side that it didn't need to do what it was feeling. But since I've been consciously working on this, I decided to just start using my voice.

I started softly at first, a little timidly, and then the real magic happened: Other people started joining in! I heard voices all around the room making different tones, voices melding together in a beautiful way. The sounds organically grew louder, and eventually tapered off. My spirit felt elated, my inner voice satisfied.

After the meditation, a woman came up to me and thanked me for starting the vocalization. She, too, had been needing that expression but had been too shy to initiate it. By trusting in my intuitive voice and having the courage to follow through with what it told me, I was able to not only help release and move my own energy, but also create the space for others to do the same.

When we truly shine from our hearts, when we act from our place of deepest intuition, I believe everyone benefits. Even those you think may be judging you. Something inside them may be ignited. We can help light the inner flames in others by letting our most authentic flame shine brightly.

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