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Sacred Reciprocity: A plant medicine story with Oregon White Oak

Last week I ventured to Sauvie Island on a whim to be out in the crisp sunshine. As I meandered the trail, my eyes were drawn into the woods where an ancient Oregon White Oak was growing. I was captivated, and found myself moving through branches and fallen leaves to get closer to this stunning being.

As I laid my hands and forehead on the bark, I felt a powerful pulsation emanating from the trunk and roots, a confidence, assuredness, a total presence of strength. I felt my own heart beginning to attune to this pulsating rhythm, our hearts aligning in a coherence that felt golden in color, and filled with generosity and gratitude, emanating outwards.

It created an energetic sphere of fortification around me, and I felt totally assured and at ease in a sense of purpose.

As I left a small offering at the base of the trunk, I felt the energy of the tree ignite a bit, this oak surprised to receive a gift. It felt like they’re so used to being the one giving and sharing resources to the other trees and wild ones in their sphere.

They do this with total joy, and with no expectation of a return. There’s more than enough. And they are the elder here. Yet for them to receive unexpectedly was such a delight.

It was one of the sweetest exchanges I’ve ever had when leaving an offering for a plant. The joy and gratitude was palpable.

When we leave offerings for our non-human kin, we enter into a current of mutuality, of honor, and respect. We discover that we can be a part of the dance of life that feeds itself, and doesn’t just take or destroy.

I don’t believe that humans are a parasite, or that the Earth would be better off without us. I just think things have become wildly out of balance. And both we and the Earth can benefit in so many ways when we re-engage with generosity.

This late fall and early winter season truly strips us of our outer adornments, and allows us to seep into a deeper listening to the spiritual nature around us.

So it is an amazing time to speak with the trees.

Practice listening, feeling, sensing with a local tree that shares an experience of being in your same ecosystem. You may find a beautiful friend, some wise advice, or at the least, a sturdy support.

And as you sit with your local tree, try leaving an offering and notice what happens.

If you'd like to learn more about plant spirit medicine, join the waitlist for the next round of Call Into Darkness: Deepening Plant Allyship. A 6 week course from Samhain to Winter Solstice.


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