What is Belonging? How can I find it?

Things have felt particularly challenging lately. Can you relate?

It is during challenging times where I am so grateful for my spiritual practice. I turn towards myself and my body (sometimes with little reminders from my friends). I sit with the Earth and the plant spirits.

I do my best to not skim the surface or move through my behaviors unconsciously. I do my best to be present with myself. I do my best to slow down and notice.

When things feel challenging, painful, or overwhelming, it is common for us humans to try to run away or divert attention from the deeper feelings and needs that our bodies are experiencing.

Most of us have had a lifetime of practice abandoning ourselves by numbing, avoiding, or criticizing ourselves. We may be masterful at using outdated protective mechanisms that actually harm ourselves and others when we feel anything that registers as painful or uncomfortable to feel.

Yet, it is in these exact moments when we have the opportunity to build internal trust by turning towards ourselves and doing our best to be present for what’s happening within.