Hawthorn's gift of softness: medicine for the Autumn season

The other day a client of mine came in to my office feeling really anxious, and I could feel that just beneath that surface of the anxiety was some long held grief.

As she lay on the table, I gave her a couple drops of Hawthorn tincture.

I guided her to connect with the plant spirit, and I could feel Hawthorn helping to soften her through layers of hardened protection to find the heart of herself.

She let out some tears. She softened. She took a deep breath. And she said, “wow, I can feel myself again. I feel softer...”

...This month in the Golden Stone Graduate Community, we’re focusing on the topic of Surrender. On our call last week we invited Hawthorn to join us, and she invited us to lay down a burden, a stress, or something too heavy to carry ourselves at her feet.