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Why Seasonal Healing is so Profound

As you know, aligning with the medicine of each season is one of my biggest passions (and why I created the Sacred Seasons Guidebooks). I truly believe it's one of the best, simplest, and most profound ways we can come into relationship with ourselves, the wisdom of the Earth, and a find true sense of belonging. And it is one of the pillars of Earth Medicine.

As Earth beings, we are informed and impacted by the moods and shifts in the Earth’s yearly cycles. We too, have cycles within us that move through the same seasonal themes. We cannot pretend to be removed from the cyclical nature of life. The more we align with the gifts and medicine from these inevitable seasons of life, the more we can deepen our sense of self as well as our connection to the wider web of life.

When we accept the fact that we are nature, that our bodies, psyches and souls move in accordance with the animation of the natural world, we begin to find profound belonging. Our nervous systems settle. We find community. We learn to know true communion with the vast, wild pulse that moves through us and all of life.

Reconnecting to the living land that surrounds us and sustains us is crucial on the pathway to feeling alive and vibrant in your whole being. And one of the simplest and most profound ways to doing this is by connecting with the wisdom of the seasons.

Each season carries within it medicine and gifts for us. Yet each season also contains a shadow side that can teach us profound things about how we operate in the world, and can direct us on a healing path.

  • Which season or part of the cycle is your “favorite?"

  • What is awakened in you during your favorite season that you cannot access at other times of year?

  • What part of the seasonal/life cycle are you most resistant to?

  • What comes up for you when you consider the season you're least attracted to? What fears, insecurities, or other feelings arise?

The answers to these questions can lead you to discovering parts of your shadow self that are desperate for your attention and healing presence. It all starts with self-recognition and a willingness to see the world around you as a teacher.


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