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Amplify your Light: A Summer Solstice Ceremony

It’s Summer Solstice week!

May you let the light shine through every action you take this week.

May you allow it to pour into all of your cells, soaking up warmth, joy, and possibility.

May you feel the light, that is your true essence, shining forth your gifts for the world.

May you celebrate the light that is you, and know yourself as part of the great oneness of light that illuminates this world.

While we weave through challenging collective times, we can find footing in the ever-comforting seasonal footholds, as nature meanders on, holding humanity within its sacred container.

The sun reaches its yearly peak in the sky on June 20th, a wonderful day to reflect on the trajectory that’s led us here, and celebrate the fullness of what Life is offering us. (See last week’s post all about fullness, expansion and getting bigger).​

This is one of the two extremes in the cycle of the seasons. The Solstice brings us the most light we receive all year. We are invited to bathe ourselves in the light, and explore what it means for us and the world when we have relationship to this much light. ​

Light allows us to see. To get a glimpse at emotions, thoughts, or patterns that have eluded us, or have remained camouflaged previously. We can see the shape of things, and texture and the terrain we’re dealing with more clearly. ​

What does it look like inside of yourself right now?

Where is the floodlight beaming in your body, psyche, and life, and what does it illuminate for you in its brightness?

As we're able to see the whole picture more clearly, we are able to discern with finer vision what’s been hidden within our selves. We are able to see our shadow more distinctly.

So try not to be hard on yourself if this time of year feels intense or challenging. There’s no one way to meet these seasonal moments, no one way to be in relationship with the many-faced and multi-faceted expression of the seasons.

But remember... our shadow is not just things we deem "negative" about ourselves, but anything we're not able to see. Are you able to see your beauty? Your gifts? The way you impact the world around you?

And where do you want to shine this light of yours right now? What are you choosing to illuminate with your attention and focus?

Whatever you put your precious attention on is amplified right now. This is a beautiful time to do magic + ceremony. It's a beautiful time to celebrate and honor yourself, and the version of you that's emerging to step into their fullness.

A Mini Solstice Ceremony​

Contemplate: What aspect of yourself do you want to amplify or charge up?

Journal: Take a few moments to journal about what it would look like to fully allow this part of you to get bigger. How would you be in the world? What would you do? What would it shift in your life?

Meditate/Envision: And now, close your eyes and really allow yourself to feel this energy in you being charged by the sun. Let it grow, like a bright, blossoming flower. Feel this part of you being blessed by the rays of the light. Embody this as fully as you can.

Take Action: Once you've spent at least a few minutes envisioning, really feeling into this way you'd like to be, take one action that moves you closer to that reality.

STEP 2: Repeat these steps again, but this time for the world.

Use this time, where the sun's light is shining brilliantly upon us, to vision the world you want to see. This is a powerful way to use our individual magic to impact the collective. As you vision how you'd like to see the state of the world or your community, really actively feel what this reality feels like. Let it soak into your body.


Explore more of Summer's Magic two ways:

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