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What does it mean to expand?

We are now just 1.5 weeks out from the summer solstice. We’re sipping in the final bits of breath in the wheel of the year before we begin the long exhale. It is the final stretch of growth for the year, when we’re widening, getting bigger, allowing ourselves to feel the fullness of life, the fullness of what it means to be human.

When I say “fullness” I mean feeling the total palate of what this life has to offer us. It could be joyful, it could be big, open-hearted love. And it could be pain or grief or heartache. ​

The fullness of life offers an all-inclusive buffet of flavors, textures and experiences. It is at this moment when we’re invited to feast on all of it. Grab yourself a plate and try whatever you choose.​

It’s a time when we’re invited to get bigger in our energy in order to feel more of who we are. It’s a time when we’re invited to stretch our edges to become more. To hold more of who we are. And it’s a time to explore what really draws our fullness out.

We get to fill ourselves to overflowing at the Buffet of Life.​

But what does this even mean? How do we get bigger? How do we expand ourselves?

This is a tricky and delicate exploration, especially if:

*You’re someone who’s experienced trauma

*You’re highly sensitive or empathic

*You go into the “fawn” response (or in colloquial terms, are a people pleaser)

*You’re used to pushing yourself beyond your capacity​

Ultimately, learning to expand in your own energy will support you in the capacity to hold the inner parts of you that are still wounded from, or holding onto, trauma. And it will help your ability to stand in your own authority to recognize your boundaries, so you can take care of yourself in the moment without pushing or overriding yourself. ​

You see, getting bigger and expanding doesn’t = doing more.

It doesn’t = needing to stretch yourself until you’re overextended or fried.

There’s a good/important uncomfortable that comes with stretching and widening, and there’s a not-so-good uncomfortable (one that can be re-triggering or harmful), and it requires discernment to know the difference.

Getting bigger, to me, means allowing more and more of my own essence to come forth.

It means allowing the fullness of what it means to be “me” in the moment, to be welcomed, to have a seat at the table.

For example, say you’re feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed at a party or social situation, and are feeling like you need some quiet time or to go home. ​

Bigness does not mean: ignoring your needs because you “should” feel like staying, especially because it’s summer and you should experience the fullness of this moment, right?!

Bigness does mean: allowing that need or desire to be fully here, and letting the authenticity of what’s true for you be ok. To welcome what’s presenting itself in the moment.​

What is here to be present to right now?

Can you let yourself open to this moment even more fully?

Can you accept all that’s here to learn from, to explore with your senses, to be informed by?

The more we open to life, the more we’re invited to feel. We cannot close ourselves to one aspect of life without numbing another. When we shut down our hearts or put walls up around us to protect us from experiencing pain, or emotions we deem “negative,” we cut off out ability to experience full joy, full deep-hearted love.

So this moment of fullness in the wheel of the year is drawing out the fullness of our own self expression and experience of life.

What would it look like to let more of yourself shine?


Explore more of summer's wisdom in the Sacred Seasons Summer Guidebook.


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