In Devotion to the Water

This article is devoted to Water. The life blood of the Earth and our bodies.

As the exalted element of the Autumn season, Water helps to bring us down and in, helps us surrender the tight grip of control, and invites us into trust.

This letting go process is not often easy. Especially in a culture that clings on to an ever-growth-oriented process of progress and achievement. Letting go can be downright scary, especially to the parts of ourselves that believe endings are a failure.

And actually, so much of the time what we’re holding onto for dear life is what our body thinks is literally keeping us alive and safe. Like a habit, a mask, a belief, a way we interact with others, a role we play. So when the invitation to surrender arrives, fear can be stirred.

What’s beautiful about Water is that alongside the medicine of surrender, she is deeply patient and loving. She knows that deep-rooted things don’t shift overnight. She knows the stoned-set ways are softened over time.

She’s not in it for the reward of an end point, or finish line. She’s in it for the reward of the flowing, meandering journey. In it for that incremental, minute layer that softens. And that barely perceivable shift, that from the external world doesn’t look like much, but internally actually changes the entire landscape of experience. <