Leaning into Pain, Aligning with the Earth's Wisdom

I've been mourning a lot over the past couple weeks for the changing climate, the extreme weather, record breaking heat here in Portland, the ocean on fire, and how this all impacts not only us, but the plants and animals who depend on the very specific niches they've come to inhabit.

I believe it is important to name, feel and grieve these changes, even if it's painful. When we numb ourselves, when we try to only focus on positivity, when we turn away from painful experiences, we sever an incredibly important part of ourselves. The part that inherently knows itself in relationship with all of life. The part of our soul that contains vast wisdom and medicine for the collective.

I don't believe it is healthy to wallow in emotion, or to stay in these places of depression, grief, or pain. I think it's important for us to titrate how we receive information so we're not overwhelmed and blasted. I also believe in the power of keeping our mind clear, healthy, and positive.

AND the more we try to ignore or suppress certain painful feelings, the more we cut deeper into the divide within our psyche, perpetuating polarity and duality. The more these emotions are ignored, demonized, or considered ones to avoid, the more they remain in the body, festering and growing beneath the surface of the conscious mind.

When we truly feel, we integrate into wholeness. We become stronger, and more able to live fully in our bodies and in our power. We can then stand with others in suffering without needing to immediately fix or solve the pain. We can then not be afraid of pain. We let the pain be a sincere and trustworthy teacher, we can let it be the healing force that it is.