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Lunar Love + Your Cyclical Nature

The moon is full in the sky. Have you seen her? Has this extra nightlight seeped in to noticeably, or subtly, have an impact on your psyche and body? How do you feel?

The cycles of the moon and the sun intimately impact us. It is a study I’ve been deeply immersed in for many years, and what inspired my Sacred Seasons Guidebooks. We are all impacted by the trajectory of the seasons and cycles, whether conscious or not. And the more we step into intentionality around it, the more we gain agency in our own unfolding mythical story. One that is bound to the wider story of the Earth.

Recently listening to yet another The Emerald Podcast (this one on the moon), I was so intrigued by his perspective and perception of the moon literally creating our consciousness. How the tidal waters are where Life was born, and it is believed that the ebb and flow of the rocking movements are part of what created Life. Therefore, the moon’s pull on the waters is what created Life. A thought to ponder!

Either way, we know that the cycles of the moon, the rhythmic nature of that constant, yet changing, primal force is something that has always impacted our psyches. And always will.

The more removed we become from being in communion with the phases of the moon, where the moon is in her arching journey, the more disconnected we become from our own inner psyches, our own internal waters and the feeling state of being in a body.

Yet the moon is always enchanting us, always luring us to come into relationship with her and her life cycle. Her cycle of growth, decay, death, and rebirth.

Her cycles remind us of our own. And how the moon, the earth, and the universe itself, mirror our own inner states and tides and landscapes. Our own internal landscape is a metaphor for the external. And not only a metaphor, but an actual microcosm.

So what is this moment in the landscape of the cycle telling or teaching you about your own life? What is it mirroring or reflecting to you? Where does the illuminated plumpness of the moon shine light into the reaches of your own internal landscape? What is it touching in you? And how does the waning yearly cycle tug against your own losses and decays?

We are sitting in a moment of time. A similar, familiar place in the circle of the seasons and the spiral of the moon, and yet it will never be the same, and has never been just like this.

What can you learn here? How can you take in and integrate its wisdom?

As you attune to the seasonal and cyclical nature of life you embed into a wider yet more intimate relationship with not only the Earth, but your own body. Your own Self.

Because in truth, YOU ARE NATURE.

I know this phrase is thrown around a lot, but can you actually take this in for moment? You are a part of this all. You are this all.

And the more you take responsibility for how your own self impacts the collective (including how you treat your body and how you speak to yourself), how your own self is the collective animate world around you, the more empowered you become.

So take some time today to meditate or journal about the questions above. Move your body through the day as if you are a sacred earth body moving through the cosmos. And notice what happens.


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