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Your Body is a Multidimensional Map and Territory

Welcome to the Winter Season, where soft light slowly begins to fill us up again, starting at our deepest layers.

It is here in winter where my attention breathes towards my body. Where I bow in prayer to her and her magnificence.

In this place of communion, I’ve been feeling into how our bodies are both a multi-dimensional map as well as a territory.

Our body draws and maps every moment of our experience. And if we learn to follow our sensations and learn the language of our body, they will direct us to places that need our attention.

They will help us navigate and explore not only the needs of our physical body, but also our emotions, our mental beliefs and stories, our memories from this life, as well as past life imprints.

As we dive deeper into relationship with our body, we can begin to see its signaling as the map that it is, utilizing the patterns that reveal themselves to send us to the places where treasure is buried.

Where stores of energy and emotion are waiting to be unlocked. Where our spiritual memories and soul imprints are held. Where another layer of our authentic truth, like a ribbon of crystal beneath the surface of the earth, has been laying patiently, awaiting acknowledgment.

Our body is the territory where this multidimensionality unfolds. It is the landscape where all is uncovered and discovered. All of this discovery, inquiry, and true wise guidance is carried out right here within our tissue.

The more I explore my own body’s territory, the more I am in awe.

For a deep-dive exploration of your body, join Gifts of the Body: Aligning with your Somatic Wisdom. This mini-retreat is a place to learn how to be in loving relationship with your body, as well as discover it's magic.


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