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The Subtle Hum of Space-Time Within Us

Last week I read about the scientific discovery that the waves of energy from the birth of the universe are still subtly vibrating in every atom in the universe, down to every aspect of our own body.

Everything, everything, is still being rocked and swayed by the energetic information from that very moment in time. We’re all still being informed, continuously, about our own history as cosmic energy.

“Every proton and neutron in ever atom from the tip of your toes to the top of your head is shifting, shuttling, and vibrating in a collective purr within which the entire history of the universe is implicated…All of a sudden, we know that we are humming in tune with the entire universe, that each of us contains the signature of everything that has ever been. It’s all within us, around us, pushing us to and fro as we hurtle through the cosmos.”

Now, of course this isn’t news to indigenous folks, our animist ancestors, or spiritual seekers who have felt this embodied truth for millennia. It just always makes me thrilled when science backs up what mystics and mediums have always known.

My Celtic ancestors referred to it as the Òran Mór, or “Great Melody of Life.” This is the song sung by creation itself, which informs and ripples through all of life.

This song seeds all sounds, all language, all music, all expression. It is the hum that moves through every aspect of emergence, inspiring all creation.

Frank Hill describes it as “a melody that did not cease with the initial creation, but goes on and on and on, inspiring Creation along its holy pilgrimage of giving and receiving blessing.”

To me this sounds quite similar to this “new” discovery that we’re all humming in rhythm with a great tune originating from the creation of the universe… Does it not?

We have the ability to hear the song of creation in this very moment.

Take a moment to feel into this truth.

Widen your perception. See if you can begin to feel, with your extra-sensory and energetic body, the way you hum in tune with the world around you.

Can you feel the subtle vibration of energy that links you and your surroundings?

Can you feel this wave of space-time that undulates through you, connecting you to the wider experience of being interwoven with the living world around you?

Whenever you feel lonely, overwhelmed or isolated, sit back and remember this song that sings through you.

Know that you are directly linked to the thunderous and eloquent power of the creative force of Life. A direct descendant, still singing her song.


To learn more about how to weave yourself back into Belonging to this world, check out the Golden Stone Wisdom School, now accepting applications for this year's immersion.


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