Conscious Re-Orienting of the Self

This past week I’ve been contemplating how we orient ourselves in the world, what we orient ourselves around, and how this determines our way of perceiving the world.

This is something I’m continuously exploring, especially when I find myself overwhelmed, or feeling too busy. I find that it’s so deeply wired in me to orient around the belief that I need to do more in order to have worth in this capitalistic model of society we’ve all been indoctrinated into. So when I can see this, I am asking myself how I can reorient.

I turn to my body, notice how it feels, track what's happening on the subtle levels, and reorient myself to my body.

I take time, alone, to let my body be in nature, in wild places, to reorient to the pace of the Earth, and let my body remember that it is, too, nature.