The Stories of Power

We all have stories about what power means and represents in our lives. They morph as we grow, shift as we take on and lose identities. These stories are touched by privilege, by how much power our families and societies have given us or withheld.

Today, we find ourselves amidst giant power struggles. We’re fighting against each other, fighting to find our own power, fighting to protect it for others. Power feels like a limited resource, sucked increasingly dry by a homogenous few. It can feel scary, infuriating, and hopeless when we view the world through this lens. A battle. A fight for a sacred, scarce resource.

The way our society is set up creates a false pretext. It convinces us that some people innately have more power than others, and that those chosen few have a right to exert this power OVER others. It’s patriarchal, hierarchical, and unsustainable. This is the story we are actually fighting against… it’s an old and looming tale. It’s powerful because we give it power.

Yet we all have our own connection to innate and bountiful power. We ARE life: flowing, unfurling, creating. And life IS power. The power of creation, the power of destruction, the power of presence. The power of life itself moves through each and every being on this planet. We are all a unique expression of life.

Life desires to move through us, finding something new, something untold to express. We are IT. And yet we are under a veil of illusion that says we do not hold that key to ourselves. An insi