Plants + Humans = LOVE

I feel so nourished and uplifted as I write to you after getting back from a neighborhood stroll. I'm so filled by all the scents and sights of the flourishing, bountiful blossoms, all smiling cheerfully at me.

I absolutely love this time of year when I get to see so many of my plant friends poking their heads out again, or showcasing their most brilliant floral selves. Whenever I’m out walking in the spring, I feel a constant giddy glee as I watch these sweet beings emerge and grow.

A few years ago while camping with my partner, we had scrambled down a river bank to find a beautiful sandy spot along the shore. As we set up our blanket, I looked over and excitedly exclaimed, “Oh look! Valerian is here!” He started chuckling, telling me I sounded like I had just seen a friend at a party.

It may sound strange (or you may relate!), but this is how I truly feel when I see a plant I know in the forest, town, riverscape, or field. It’s a sense of seeing an old dear friend I haven’t seen in a while. A burst of joy moves through my heart. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for knowing this spirit. I take them in with my senses and feel their unique energy.

You see, meeting a plant is like meeting a person. Some you are immediately drawn to or connect with. Others don’t feel like quite a match, personality-wise.

It may change year to year. Sometimes a human or plant will come into your life, be all you want to hang out with for a while, and then that season passes and you go your separate ways.