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Plants + Humans = LOVE

I feel so nourished and uplifted as I write to you after getting back from a neighborhood stroll. I'm so filled by all the scents and sights of the flourishing, bountiful blossoms, all smiling cheerfully at me.

I absolutely love this time of year when I get to see so many of my plant friends poking their heads out again, or showcasing their most brilliant floral selves. Whenever I’m out walking in the spring, I feel a constant giddy glee as I watch these sweet beings emerge and grow.

A few years ago while camping with my partner, we had scrambled down a river bank to find a beautiful sandy spot along the shore. As we set up our blanket, I looked over and excitedly exclaimed, “Oh look! Valerian is here!” He started chuckling, telling me I sounded like I had just seen a friend at a party.

It may sound strange (or you may relate!), but this is how I truly feel when I see a plant I know in the forest, town, riverscape, or field. It’s a sense of seeing an old dear friend I haven’t seen in a while. A burst of joy moves through my heart. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for knowing this spirit. I take them in with my senses and feel their unique energy.

You see, meeting a plant is like meeting a person. Some you are immediately drawn to or connect with. Others don’t feel like quite a match, personality-wise.

It may change year to year. Sometimes a human or plant will come into your life, be all you want to hang out with for a while, and then that season passes and you go your separate ways.

You can't force two people to like each other. And you can't force a relationship with a plant you think should be "good for you." You either vibe or you don't.

When we approach herbalism or plant medicine from this perspective, it becomes less about whether a plant's physical constituents would supposedly be good for a certain ailment of yours (like a cough), and more about who would be an energetic and spiritual match.

This way of working with plants is more of an investment.

It requires putting time and effort into relationship. Really getting to know the plant, the unique qualities that plant offers, and building mutual respect and appreciation.

It takes more time, but the beauty and deep wisdom that is gained is well worth the time.

It’s not like reading a passage about the medicinal properties of a plant, that you can remember and recite. This level of knowledge is helpful, but very surface, mental, intellectual.

However, this relational approach to herbs and plant medicine is what allows for a deep knowing of the medicine in your body.

A knowing that you can recall when you need the support of a specific plant ally.

A knowing that's been imprinted inside of you, so the spiritual blueprint remains.

A new way of perceiving the world. A rewiring of the soma.

It also invites you into a wider conversation with your inter-relationship with the Earth and land.

This is what I truly believe can change the world.


You can begin this process yourself by taking a stroll through the neighborhood and allowing yourself to be drawn in by a certain plant or tree. You don't have to know anything about them, just a curiosity to get to know them.

Sit with them for a while. Take them in with your senses. See if you receive any imprints, whether through your sensory body or intuitively. You may receive a phrase or message. You may see an image or story unfolding in your mind's eye. You may feel a shift in your body. Just pay attention to anything and everything.

Thank your plant with words or an offering when you're finished.

If you want to practice this, and receive a lot more specific guidance and tools with the process, then please join me for my Plant Spirit Workshop + Ceremony this summer.

We will be exploring the ways in which we can build lasting relationship with the plants, and develop our sensory and intuitive listening skills (among other things.)

I’m also giving away some bonuses for signing up early!

Aside from a steep Early Bird discount ($100 off), there's a few more special gifts you'll receive when you reserve your spot soon.


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