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Thanks-Giving for Your Body

Here's a simple THANKS-GIVING ritual you can do for your body.

1. Take some time to remove yourself from technology, noise, and other humans.

2. Get into a comfortable position for your body, whether that's sitting or lying down.

3. Watch your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Feel into the rhythm it makes, and see if you can let your mind be carried on that rhythm like a boat on the ocean waves.

4. Acknowledge to your body that you understand all that it's been through over the past year. That this has been hard. Let it know you understand any grief, anger, disappointment, resentment, sadness, etc. Allow yourself to sit with this acknowledgement for a little bit of time.

5. Then thank you body for all it's done to keep going. To keep you healthy. To always be doing its best to heal and to communicate with you. Continue to give thanks, for anything and everything you can think of that your body does for you.

6. Breathe deeply in these gratitudes for all your body is and does, literally ALL the time for you. Really let your body soak up and receive this love.

7. Give yourself a physical squeeze or hug.


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