How Can I Love Myself More?

When Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, instead of celebrating in the usual ways, I like to contemplate how I can love myself more. How can I continue to grow love in my heart for myself that outshines any negative self-talk or harsh criticism I hear myself say? We are often our own worst critics, and if you pay close enough attention to your inner dialogue, you may be surprised to find that what you say is sometimes downright harmful. Over the years I've learned to shift this script, and become so much more compassionate and loving to myself. If I do start to hear any level of self-criticism, I quickly catch myself, and immediately change course to bring in understanding and acceptance. This isn't rocket science, it simply takes dedication to being mindful and commitment to loving yourself more. Self-love is one of the most important things we can cultivate as humans. I truly believe that the more we love ourselves, the less hate we spread in the world. Everything is a reflection of how we feel inside. The more we accept and love ourselves, the less destructive behavior we will lash out onto the Earth and onto others. For the next couple weeks, I encourage you to spend some time really loving up on yourself. We don’t need to wait for external validation or external sources to tell us we are loved. We can give that to ourselves first and foremost. Below are a couple ideas to help jump-start a self-love cascade.


* Make an altar for yourself, putting things that you love on it to decorate and beautify. Sit in front of it and allow it to shine your own love back at you. Really absorb the radiance of these objects you've selected * Make yourself your favorite meal and eat in candlelight * Take yourself out to one of your favorite places, or buy yourself something special * Give yourself a massage, rubbing lotion or oil into each body part, and sending it gratitude for all it does * Look in the mirror, into your eyes, and smile. Send warmth and love into them. Generate a sense of compassion and love, as if you're looking at any other loved-one in your life. Try saying “I love you” to yourself and see how it feels. Keep sending yourself love, compassion, and acceptance until you begin to receive it. * Write yourself a love letter, and then send it in the mail to yourself. When it arrives, open it and read aloud

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