What are Your Unworthiness Tales?

A client came to me because he was experiencing abdominal pain, and had gone through all the Western medical check-ups and tests, which appeared normal or benign. Not knowing where to turn, he scheduled a session to see if I could discern anything.

As I laid my hands on his abdomen, particularly the right side, I could feel a hot stew of trapped anger.

As I worked, I could feel the life-force of energy that was trapped as anger start to move and become more integrated and available to him, and I could sense underneath the anger was something much more vulnerable.

The anger had been protecting a feeling of perpetual unworthiness. A sense that deep down, he wasn’t “good.” I could feel the story attached to a really young part of him who took on this belief from an experience of wounding growing up.

We’ve worked together regularly over the past year to help integrate these deeper inner woundings through bodywork and energy work. It doesn’t mean the story goes away, but he now has a completely different lived relationship with these parts of himself. His propensity for anger flares has all but disappeared, and he feels so much more confident, peaceful and easeful throughout the day.