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What Fire has Taught Me

Welcome to the summer season. Where the sunlight stretches long and wide, and we revel in what we’ve grown into over the past 6 months. ​

We ripen. We mature.

Summer gifts us many things, including the exploration of the element of Fire. In the Celtic Pagan tradition, Fire is exalted now, and we get to learn from this wisdom: the wisdom of warmth, of laughter, of creativity, of transformation, of devotion.

Fire and Summer teach us about what it means to be in relationship with our inner warmth, what brings us joy, learning to surrender the "work" and bask in receiving our own light within us.

Fire was historically the most challenging of the elements for me.

I have always been very watery and earthy (hence the name Groundwater), but over the past 15 years of devoting myself to the elements and the seasons, I have absorbed so much wisdom and life-changing beauty from Fire.



Fire has taught me how to stand in my purpose and speak from my passions.

Fire has taught me to soak in the warmth that is generated from interactions with Others.

Fire has helped me claim my own light, and help others do the same.

Fire has helped me make room for more play and fun in my life, and taught me the importance of letting myself fully receive my joy.

Fire has shown me that to connect with the Light doesn’t mean we have to leave our bodies. It can mean receiving the Light more fully into this vessel that is our bodies. That Fire can help us live more embodied in our soul’s passions, to live out the spiritual in this material plane.

Fire has helped me see and welcome in my shadow more fully, and gain access to my sacred anger and fierceness.

Fire has guided me into the most devotional of places within myself, and helped me lean into my devotion for the plants and the more-than-human world.

Fire has shown me the importance of tending what I care about. Devoting time, energy, and breath to what I want to feed.

Fire has taught me that I can't really "clear" or "just let go of" parts of myself. That I can illuminate, love, and transform them through sacred witnessing, bringing them into the light of my conscious awareness and love. And through that acceptance, a sacred alchemy happens.​

What has your relationship with Fire been through the course of your life?

What has Fire taught you?

And can you feel how Fire wants to commune with you this season?​​

Now that we’ve entered into Summer and Fire’s domain, I invite you to bow your head forward in awe and honor, and humbly ask to be a student for the next 3 months.

Both the Fire and Summer have so much to teach us.


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