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Celebrating Imbolc: The mid-point of Winter

Today, February 4th, is the exact mid-point of the Winter season. Here we sit, directly in between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

It’s as far back to the depths of darkness as it is to the emergence of Spring.

Can you feel it? Here we linger at the threshold of change.

This is the doorway that asks us if we’re indeed ready to step forward towards the light.

This is Imbolc season.

More commonly celebrated as Groundhog Day here in the US, this is a divinatory moment that helps us get really clear about how to move forward.

Are you ready to make your preparations for emergence?

Or do you need 6 more weeks warming, nourishing, and tending to yourself in your wintery earth cave?

Imbolc translates to “in the belly.” It was historically a time that celebrated the pregnancy of the livestock, and the promise of new life to come. ​

It is also a fire festival - one where we purify ourselves and honor the devotional fire that’s growing within us, represented by the Celtic goddess, Brigid, and her return after the Winter season.

It is a time where we renew our commitments and intentions, and align ourselves more fiercely with our direction for the year ahead.

Learn more about Imbolc in my free video class:


As we lean into the energy of renewal this time of year, Cottonwood’s medicine always reaches out for us. Their buds of promise, nourishment and regeneration help us align with the energy of trust for our impending expression.​

Cottonwood’s resinous and divinely scented buds are both warming and stimulating to our bodies, minds and spirits, preparing us for the days of action ahead.

I have a new pre-recorded class up in the Golden Stone Wisdom School’s Mighty Network called

In the class you will discover how your body relates to this moment of late winter in the wheel of the year. You'll call in the allyship of Cottonwood to promote the energy of renewal as we come out of the winter months and into spring. You will discover a part of your body that is desiring renewal, and you'll then connect with the energy of cottonwood to help infuse that area of yourself with the golden balm of renewal.

Blessed be your precious dreams, stirring beneath the surface, warming themselves in the warming belly of the earth, preparing to sprout and offer their magic to the world.


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