An Herbal Ally for Emotional Times

One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling emotional, chaotic, or just a bit ungrounded, is to sit with the plants. I find a tree to put my back up against, or wander around the neighborhood to see the beautiful earth beings growing around me, cheerfully and peacefully.

Or I ingest some tincture or tea of a dear plant friend who I know will help hold and calm my heart.

One of my best friends for emotional times is Hawthorn (who is flowering right now!) This very sweet being is truly magical at helping us humans feel like we’re in the presence of a deeply protective hug. Especially if we’re having a hard time taking a deep breath. Or feel turmoil in the heart space. Or have some grief coming up to experience.

This tree also acts as a gateway, connecting us to the Otherworld, and the world of Fairy. As I talked about in my last newsletter, this Beltane season holds a similar quality to the season of Samhain, at the opposing end of the year.

Both hold a liminal quality that invite us into another dimension of experience. One where we can feel and perceive magic a little more astutely. One where our sensory experience is enhanced and we can really feel the pulsing buzz of the unseen world.

So maybe this portal of time can serve as an extra potent gat