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Partnering with the Energy of Spring

It’s Spring tomorrow!

How are you feeling about it? Thrilled? Anxious? Somewhere in between?

This Spring Equinox aligns with the new moon in Aries, making it an extra potent moment of initiating new energy.

This motivation and aliveness can feel so relieving for many of us after the cold, dark days.

It's been so sweet to see some of the first spring plants emerging. I love their courageous spirits and I’m so happy to be seeing these dear friends again.

(I got to spend the day with Nettle last weekend, harvesting her super mineral and vitamin-rich leaves. I made a soup and nettle pesto . Both of which have felt so incredibly nourishing and enlivening to my body.)

And yet, Spring can also create stirrings of anxiety and pressure in the body for some folks.

Spring often comes with stories of expectations-to-be-met.

Spring means we must act now! It means it’s time to GO, right?!

Well, sort of. The energy of Spring can give us a long-awaited flush of motivation, an energy that supports initiation of movement.

AND, we are all embodying different energies in different phases of our lives, impacted by the energy of Spring differently.

The seasonal wheel of the year doesn’t necessarily match where you are in your own seasonal rhythm. If you’re in a Spring phase you might feel supported and bolstered by this energy. You might be craving Spring’s awakening to match how you’ve been feeling inside. You can partner with this energy and invite it to give fuel to your creativity.

But you also might be in an Autumnal period in your life, facing many of the themes the Autumn season brings, such as deep internal reflection, unraveling, or active deceleration. You can still partner with Spring here. Invite it to inform your reflections, bring some levity to your experience of the Autumn dusk, or perhaps let it gently nudge what's felt like stagnant waters in your life.

Yes, the seasonal energies always inform us, but it doesn’t mean we have to always feel exactly the way they’re feeling.

I always like to compare it to being in a sad mood when it’s raining out vs. when it’s sunny out. Sometimes the rain feels relieving, helping you feel met and seen as it matches your internal landscape. And sometimes it helps to have the sun shining to bring in another perspective, and perhaps lighten the mood a little.

Whatever is happening outside certainly impacts you, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re sad.

The seasons offer us a specific landscape of energy which we are informed and impacted by.

The question is, how is the energy of Spring merging with the energy of YOU?

When Spring arrives we may feel our energy rise. We may feel motivated to take action or to be more social.

And if you're not in a moment of rising yourself, this might feel like a pressure to show up in a certain way.

It's also important to note that out-of-balance Spring energy is the default energy of Capitalism: doing is better than resting, and growth is always something we want no matter the costs. This is why sometimes Spring can bring with it a tension in the body and a pressure to feel like you need to do more, like it’s never enough, or like you have to be perfect.

Last week I talked about this energy on IG because this theme was presenting itself in my clients. It felt important to name and talk about because so many of us experience this. And it can be exacerbated by Spring.

So keep this in mind if you’ve been feeling this way. You’re not weird or alone.

However you’re relating to the transition into Spring is just information about your relationship with this particular energy. Remember that this is a powerful energy that you can partner with in whatever way feels good to you. When we allow this energy to shape our experience in some way, we are more intimately engaged with Life. We can be intentional about our relationship with the seasons this way.

Stay curious about this transition, and let your body lead. Let your body show you how and when it wants to emerge, guided by this powerful force of energy moving through the lands right now.


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