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Shining your Light + St. John's Wort Medicine

In our St. John's Wort (SJW) Plant Wisdom Circle last week, many of the participants walked away with some relief in allowing themselves to simply be who they are.

Some aspect of themselves that they'd struggled with was just allowed to be there without fuss or critique.

SJW imparted the medicine of simply and clearly letting ourselves to be in the truth of who we are, express how we express, present how we present, and drop all judgement around how that may look.

What if it was 100% ok for you to fully be who you are? What if you didn’t have to pretend or force yourself into an uncomfortable shape or appearance in order to be loved? ​

This may feel challenging in a world that accepts some bodies and shapes and identities and rejects others. Where it’s often not fully safe to be BIPOC or LGBTQ+, or a woman, or disabled, or neurodivergent, or of a certain religion...

And where all people, regardless of identity, have had some expectation put on them of how they must shape themselves in order to fulfill societal or familial norms. ​​

But, SJW comes in and helps you shine your shine with courage, through any doubts and fears, and reminds us that we have ultimate choice in our own actions, thoughts, and bodies.

SJW helps dissolve any fear of expression in the light of who-we-are, and recognize that the only path of freedom is living out the path of our own soul's Truth.

This medicine is a clear and steady light that reflects your worth back to you objectively, and strengthens your trust in your own light within.

You are who you are. No need for qualifiers. No need for explanations. No need for edits.

SJW reminds us that there’s no “good” or “bad” in the truth of who are you.

Everything is accepted into the light of your consciousness when you are aligned with your true nature. Everything is seen, and therefore accepted. ​

At our core, all life on earth has a desire to be seen. We learn more about who we are when we are witnessed in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way. ​

When we allow ourselves to be seen, we allow deep healing. As we allow what is true to emerge from within, we see ourselves more clearly.

The scary or shameful aspects of ourselves that grew monstrous in the dark, become cowering or deeply hurt little parts of ourselves in desperate need for our love and attention.

As we grow the courage to share these aspects of ourselves with others, we dare to be seen.

Letting ourselves be seen means not only letting the light of others shine on us, but also letting the light that is us shine unobstructedly outwards.

It has to go both ways.

The Earth as a whole, and SJW in particular, wants to witness us in our full expression. They want us to live out the light that is us. Because that is a specific gift for the collective.

Over the course of my healing journey, I’ve discovered that the goal of healing is not to make myself different, but to be more of who I am. To allow the purity of my soul to be revealed. ​

The healing journey is the journey of revealing the Self. Self-revelation.

It is the journey of shedding, cleaning, purifying, re-membering, and learning more about the soul’s truth within.

It is a journey of, inch-by-inch, allowing ourselves to be clarified, and finally seen as the unique and precious gem that we are.

This healing journey is one that the Earth and the plants love to support.

Before I was ready to be seen by other humans, I allowed the plants and the Earth to see me.

Before I was ready to receive the love from other humans, I allowed the plants and the Earth to love me.

This was one of the biggest turning points of my healing. Because I was met by the most beautiful acceptance, compassion, and unwavering love.

So step outside and see if you can allow the eyes of Nature to witness the real you.

See if you can allow yourself to receive the love they offer you, for just being you.


If you are on your healing journey, and ready for a deeply nourishing experience in self-revelation guided by the plants and the Earth, then I'm excited to invite you to apply for the next cohort of the Golden Stone Immersion (Begins 9/24/24).

This 6-month program is a step-by-step process to uncover and deeply love the Self within. It is a program that will clarify and deepen your conversation with the living Earth around you and within you.


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