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Devil's Club: Authenticity, Boundaries, and Deep Love

As the Earth's energy rises this Spring, we too, are invited to receive this energy rising up within us, connecting us to our own inner power; resurrecting aspects of ourselves that have remained hidden, and calling our full selves present, here, and aligned.

One of the *best* medicines to help with this rising of inner power, and aligning with our own inner truth is the awe-some Devil's Club.

Last weekend I went to visit this fellow earthling, one of my primary plant guides and teachers. Whenever I feel like I’ve gotten too busy, need to come back to my aligned truth or inner confidence, or need to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing, I go to visit him.

I veered off the main trail and began wandering through the (surprisingly) snowy forest in hopes of finding a patch of this “guardian of the forest.” I wandered up a hill and down a ravine, and paused for a snack.

During the interlude from movement, I was able to soak up the assortment of sounds around me - the delicate footsteps of light rain, the off-beat thud of falling snow from the branches, the occasional brush of wind through the landscape.

My goal-oriented mind softened to receive the medicine held in this terrain. Even if I didn’t find Devil’s Club, I could feel their spirit here, lingering inside this ecosystem, and I could receive what I needed to receive.

Devil’s Club is a little more difficult to find in the Winter, before the giant leaves have emerged, and the thin, spiky stalks are all that are showing.

As I restarted my search, I was pulled deeper down into the ravine. Feeling like I was getting closer, I looked down to see a short stalk emerging out of the snow. It felt like a gateway into the realm of Devil’s Club.

Just a few paces further I could now see, camouflaged amongst the outlines of trees and snow, several towering plants, jutting into the sky.

It’s always a powerful moment to encounter this being. I feel like I’m in the presence of a formidable yet irresistible beacon of love, with fierce boundaries. Who you need to approach with respect and presence. Devil’s Club invites your most confident, assured self to step forward.

The first time I met this plant I felt like he was putting out a large energetic shield that prevented me from going further, until I declared my full name, multiple times, and stood fully in my Self and my Name. No wallowing. No pity or drama. But firm and fierce love, helping me assume my true nature.

This time sitting with Devil’s Club he reminded me to open my energy down, down, down. Opening to the flowing, vital Earth energy, that when contacted, rises up within us and aligns us with our inner strength and purpose here. That can help us pour forth our heart's unfolding, like the pink cherry blossoms or alluring magnolias now in bloom.

I sat here for a long while, letting sound move through me, allow my energy to drop into connection with the Earth to a greater extent than I had been allowing it in the city, and listening to his counsel.

When we listen to the sagely beings of the Earth, we open our bodies up to be imprinted with ancient wisdom that is still carried in them.

Have you had the experience of listening to or learning from a plant being?

They are rising now, with the Earth's energy, opening themselves up to be witnessed by you, and in return, witness your own unfolding.

They are some of the kindest and most generous beings on Earth.

If you’d like to open yourself to meeting one, go for a walk or wander through your neighborhood or nearby place in nature. Widen your energy and allow yourself to be called over to a plant. One that beckons you. Or seems sparkly or feels exciting to you.

Sit down, and open your heart to this plant. Introduce yourself and allow your body and intuitive senses to receive any imprints or messages from them.

Remember to thank them, and offer them a gift in gratitude.

If you want a place to start, take my free quiz below to be matched with a plant ally that can help support you right now.


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